According to Christopher Hitchens, religion is the one true poison of humanity and sticking to Iron Age humbug will ensure our destruction. When you really think about it most of the men and women in charge of our country are all some kind of Christian or faith based denomination, yet we are steering the course for progress in the opposite direction. We need more logic based men and women in congress, in the courthouses, in the schools, and in the white house. 

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Comment by Aaron Arce on April 25, 2014 at 11:04am

I know, I do my best to inform people of the role religion plays in politics. I feel that the one thing that will pull us out of this rut is to put more non believers in high positions of power, unfortunately this would prove to be difficult seeing as most voters would look down on voting or putting a non believer into power. Separation of Church and state no longer exists in this country, we are poisoned by those who believe. We need more people to enlighten themselves and turn to atheism.

Comment by Michael Penn on April 24, 2014 at 10:51pm

I couldn't agree any more, Aaron. Hitch was right, and it seems we are going backwards. This might be because preachers and christian apologists see that their god is being attacked, so they come on strong with more bullshit. Christian politicians seem to think that jesus is going to split the skys any moment and "save us all." These people are batshit crazy! Equally as ignorant here are the Islamists, and both groups together might cause our world great harm if not lead us into annihilation, fighting each other and anyone else that doesn't believe the way that they do.

Hitch was right again. Religion is a true poison!



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