Oh we have a blog here. That's cool. Maybe I could use it to let out my aggravations.
Anyway I'm happy to find Nexus and a place for pretty much like-minded folks. I should have found it sooner but oh well. I have been atheist since high school and only on a few short occasions have I really got more involved with my lack of beliefs until recently.
I have been using Second Life off and on again and since I've been using it again I saw someone with a group called "Atheists United" in their groups section. I was like hmm.. wow I haven't heard atheist in a while... I should check it out.. so one thing led to another and I got involved with the Atheist Center (which has now been moved to another location and is much better) which lead to the Humanist Gardens sim and their discussion group. I became part of the tiny avatar Raglan Shire community (a fun group btw) and ran into a few more freethinkers and we became friends and we started the Tiny Skeptics group. Our group is still pretty small but we have lively discussions every once in a while.

We are just so fed up with this religion-obsessed culture and all the pain and suffering it has caused. I notice it even more now. I mean it's so ingrained in (well where I live in the US) our culture it's crazy. I mean everywhere you look there is a church and on the TV there are a bunch of channels you have to pay for with your basic cable that have all this religious garbage. On the radio we even have a few religious stations (one includes Creationist Corner :"In this week's episode we talk about Hummingbirds. Before Noah's Ark and the flood, there were Hummingbirds that look just the same as the Hummingbirds of today. Since there is a type of hummingbird that is exactly the same as our hummingbirds today, that is proof that evolution is not true and that we were created by God. Thank you for listening to Creationist Corner!") WHAT BULLSHIT! I mean all this toxic misinformation just pisses me off. No wonder why we're so f*cked up. I even looked up hummingbirds and look what I found: http://www.christiananswers.net/kids/hummingbirds.html

Yeah kids a fake being we made up as your imaginary friend is the only answer. We don't give you an explanation why. Knowledge is not important.


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