I am a Circus.

It would seem that I am a circus.

I’m a big top,
rising proudly,
high and ostentatious with flags of victory.
Covering all the people
watching unnoticed from above,
and extending my borders,
always room for one more.
Now quiet, waiting, resting....
Now full, excited, action packed.

I’m the clown.
You are laughing,
but do you know if I’m happy or sad?

too things and…
I juggle sometimes, I look great doing it!

I’m the flying trapeze free….
flying, dreaming beyond the horizons.
Defying death.
On the edge, drawing awe and admiration.
How close to the e
I’m the beautiful girl riding the pony.
Poised, balanced and in tune with her partner.
Creating graceful harmony.

I’m the plate spinner rushing from one end to the other, keeping it all together,
unable to rest, to think.
It’s got to crash eventually.

I am the child sitting in the front row wide-eyed, thrilling.
Frightened… hold me.
The girl with the golden curls lost in wonder.

I’m the Ringmaster,
demanding your applause,
introducing my friends,
cheering them on.

I’m a woman
a consummate artiste
the whole circus!

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