I finished stocking up and am waiting for sunrise tomorrow to take off. I took Dawkins for one last run on the beach and an hour of disc golf. I've updated my charts and am googling for places to visit on the way. I want to find a nudist beach or two and some places on the way to let Dawkins off to unwind.

I have a few close friends coming over for dinner and goodbyes. I have no desire to ever come back to the states nor a reason too. I am grateful that I could see all the wonderful places in the continental U.S. as well as Alaska and Hawaii. I only wish I had someone to share it with. I also wish I had found out about this network when it started then perhaps I may have met someone who does not want children and loves to be mobile.

I tried a meet-up group in Miami and Ft. Lauderdale some time ago for atheists and was disappointed in both the turn out and the anal retentive people. Atheists can and should have more fun and enjoyment out of life than any other demographic. We have no lord and saviour to tell us what is right and what is wrong for that is a simple matter of common sense of which most are ignorant of.

I cannot say I will miss my work either. I saw on a continuous basis how humanity has no respect for one another both in my work and in the services. The part I loved most about my job was the medical relief I was part of during vacation to third world countries with fellow health care providers. Once I find a place that fits to put roots down I plan on volunteering again. I have wonderful experiences and memories from all over Africa and other places.

My fellow atheists please have some fun, life is short and there is no return ticket despite what religion says. Find something you are passionate about and just do it.

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