This is a past post from my blog which is inteded for atheist and theist alike, so don't take it personally if it doesn't apply to you, it's only meant to give an example of my writing and get some followers if possible. Other post are available and vary from informative to rants to arguments on facebook with my brother the preacher. So here is one I hope you like:

Religion is the process in which believing in something blindly is expected because someone said you should believe it without questioning it. This hinderance of critical thought and inquiry is indoctrinated since youth; you may call it faith but in any other context it would be called gullibility or ignorance.

It is only because of where you are born, that you base your theories. They are based upon dominant religious customs as influenced by your family and local religious foundations. Be sure that if you were to go to almost any foreign land your established faith would be the alternative and not the foremost establishment of faith, and the local religion would more than likely have some kind of aversion to your beliefs as you do thiers.

It is astonishing to me that even with the great advances in science and knowledge of the universe that have answered many questions that at one time were only answered with uneducated supernatural theory and myth, people still rely on these these to answer their life questions. So why does the ingnorance of a Bronze Age civilization still resonate so deeply in religion? They had no other choice, but you do.

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