I can't believe I'm defending Catholic school, but here goes....

Several people who've known that I went to Catholic school seem to have a lot of misconceptions about Catholic school.  Since I said in my intro post that Catholic school, to their detriment, taught me to think critically.  This was my reply, which I thought would share:


Not to be insulting to you, but people seem to have some pretty ignorant views of Catholic school based solely on stereotypes and urban myths.  We didn't pray in every class, or have nuns walking around hitting us with sticks, or have priests wandering the halls with their dicks out.  Maybe in earlier generations, but not when I went.  Catholic school is SCHOOL first, and Catholic second.  While certainly the majority of teachers and students were Catholic, we had students and teachers of many religions, mostly other Christian religions, but not always.


Just like any other school, we had completely non-religious classes including history/social studies, English (which for us was a grammar only class), reading (which was a literature only class), math, science, and specials such as P.E., music, art, etc.  Sometimes we talked about religion in those classes, especially in music because we learned religious songs, but it's not like my education was side tracked by papally prescribed bullshit.  We learned how old the earth really was, we learned evolution (though they did try to combine religion with it by saying God made evolution happen), heliocentrism, sexual reproduction, and all those other things that most people would think are forbidden.


We had ONE 45 minute religion class a day.  We had a book that would bring up a social topic, a moral issue, a notable deed by another Christian and would teach how it was similar to something in the Bible, or how we could be better Christians by following the example, or what the church's official stance was and what we thought about it. 


I can't speak for all Catholic schools, but from other people in my age group and younger that I know went to Catholic schools, they're much less brainwashy than people think.  "Christian schools," on the other hand, might be different.

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Comment by Chris on January 25, 2011 at 11:47pm

The underlying theme of Catholic School is Catholicism, or Catechism if you will. Justifying that it's better than Christian Schools, or Anglican schools doesn't diminish the religious over tones that inhibit free thought.

Comment by Bimmerella on January 24, 2011 at 2:44pm

I am right there with you Katie!  I was raised Catholic, and I never got in trouble for asking questions, and was ALWAYS encouraged by my family to find answers to things that didn't make sense to me, and the big one was to get an education.  I have an uncle that is a catholic priest, and my whole family knows I am atheist, and I am treated NO differently by them.  We just don't talk about it is all....hehehe.  In fact, I sent my own child to a private catholic school, because their curriculum was so much better than the public schools were.  I am glad I did it too, because when we moved and he went into a better public school, he was way ahead of the curve on all of his placement tests.  He's not been brainwashed, and knows he is free to make his own mind up.

I don't think you're defending catholic school needs any explanation. Now catholics have accepted that science cannot be denied....it's not such a harsh strict environment I think as our parents might have had to deal with.  Glad you had a good experience and it bodes well that you obviously don't feel to put upon by it.  I think that's a GOOD sign!

Comment by Katie Ranting Redhead Smith on January 17, 2011 at 12:02pm
It could be a generational thing....that's why I brought up the age factor.



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