I could have told them this 20 years ago, but they wouldn't have listened.....

This was taken from a news article on President Bush and where he "lost" the American people. You can read the whole article here:

Back when I was a Republican, I watched the so called "Religious Right" come into the party. They came in like a virus. They did and still do the same approach. "We'll stick a toe in and see if anyone says anything. Then we'll stick our foot in and see if anyone says anything. Then we'll stick our leg and see if anyone says anything. Then we'll put our whole body in and see if anyone says anything. Then we'll take over..."
They also came with money via PAC's and with a block of votes. No politician could say no to that. A wad of money and a block of votes.
Their rallying cry was "STOP ABORTION!" Some wanted to make America a FUNDAMENTALLY CHRISTIAN nation. As my mother told them, "If you want to live in a fundamentalist country, move to Iran." Needless to say, they didn't move.
But I soon say after the 1988 election when Pat Robertson got bounced out of the race, that there were those in the Republican Party who were already snuggling up to them. And the Christian Coalition just loved it.
I also saw that the Christian Coalition was also be used. And they were literally none the wiser. They actually thought they were doing some good. Mind you that after almost 20 plus years, they haven't stopped abortion. They should have sat up and taken notice that when the Republican Party in 2001 controlled not only the Congress, but the Senate and the Whitehouse, abortion was not stopped.
Now, Bush did do some something on the foreign relations area that limited birth control and abortions for countries that we gave aid too. A big catholic group out of New York had their guy meet with Bush and cut the funding for this.
But not in the US. Now, were there laws introduced and some changes made? Sure, but abortion overall has not stopped. You see, not everyone in the Republican Party is, shall we say, Pro-Life. Same with the Democrats. Not all are Pro-choice.
So when the Faith Based plan was introduced, it was at first used as a political tool. In some cases it still is. Do I think that it should still be part of our government? Of course not. It should be stopped and the money spent else where.
I and others like me do not want to see my tax dollars being given to any religious organization. And if you really want to get the bible pounders in a snit, point out to them this:
You're tax dollars are being given to religious groups, and YOU ARE NOT GETTING THE ADVANTAGE OF THE TAX DEDUCTION OF DONATING TO A RELIGIOUS GROUP.
Having lived in the Bible Belt almost my entire life, I can tell you, these people may love "Jesus" but they love that all mighty dollar even more.
Heck, any Preacher can tell you that on Sunday, the real money isn't in the plate...it's in their wallets.
So here is the part of the article I hope you enjoy reading. Do you think they'll ever realize that there were and still are being used?

"On other topics, David Kuo, who served as deputy director of the White House Office of Faith-Based and Community Initiatives, disputed the idea that the Bush White House was dominated by religious conservatives and catered to the needs of a religious right voting bloc.
"The reality in the White House is — if you look at the most senior staff — you're seeing people who aren't personally religious and have no particular affection for people who are religious-right leaders," Kuo said.
"In the political affairs shop in particular, you saw a lot of people who just rolled their eyes at ... basically every religious-right leader that was out there, because they just found them annoying and insufferable. These guys were pains in the butt who had to be accommodated."

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Comment by j on December 31, 2008 at 2:00pm
This is off topic, but do you think that the Republican Party practices Social Darwinism???
Comment by Rick on December 30, 2008 at 8:34pm
For some reason the URL is not coming up. Maybe it has to catch up or something. Well here it is and all you have to do is right click, high light it, cut it, and paste it in your brouser.
Comment by Rick on December 30, 2008 at 8:33pm



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