I'd Like Mine Blackened On The Bottom, Feathered Side Up, Please...

  With Respect to Natalie Sera, let me begin by stating the obvious, which I have refused, heretofore, to validate with a reply when her points were, matched against mine, right and my own were miserably wrong.  To be specific, in case some of you have not been following our posts as of late on Hanging With Friends, we have been engaged in a series of exchanges, in which Natalie has only ever maintained factual points which I assailed with nothing more than a sophomoric attempt at come-backery, which not only is not worthy of her wit and intelligence-it also sheds some very bright light on the ignorance that dwells in me.

  I was wrong.  And now is the proper time, having ruminated over it for the past 24 hours, to eat a heaping size of that horrible tasting avian delicacy known as crow. (I'll take mine with ranch dressing, shug-here in the South we can eat anything, so long as it's drowned in plenty of ranch).  I would also like to thank her for standing up for what is right and educating me in how I have been mistaken for so long.

 First of all concerning my remarks about Sephardic/Ashkidnadzi violence.  I was mistaken.  Some Jewish children who reside in places in which both communities intertwine suffer from the delusion that there is a racial or cultural "war" between the two.  As I stand corrected by Natalie (and as well, one blogger-Jacob Da Jew) there truly exists no such "war", except in the minds of misinformed children-and apparently myself and a close friend who is also wrong in his facts. 

 However, I cannot place blame on my misinformed aqquaintance.  Before I stated any such claim as "they are killing each other in their own neighborhoods" it might have been wiser to ummm..fact check first, before making an absolute ass out of myself.  Balaam's ass is also reputed to have spoken, so I guess I am clearly not the first... 

 (Natalie, please bring in another plate for me, this is going to be a seven course meal-a little crow soup might not hurt either-it seems crow is a little hard to swallow).

 Next, if I was to really be trying to qualify for the Olympics of Stupid, I accuse the Jews of being the pro-genitors of racism.  WTF??!!  Yes.  I went there.  As I read my replies, entry by entry over again last night my hand reached up and firmly slapped my forehead.  Yes, racism clearly started with the Jews, that MUST be it-before them, man never hurled a stone in hate at someone he called "other".  Yeah, right-and while your at it puhhleaasee re-instate my yearly membership in the Jewish Defamation League-I've been running a bit behind in my dues lately.

 While true, science does not recognize the term "race" as a correct term in order to describe differences within a population (it seems we are all just a little too alike genetically to actually qualify for status as different races or species), the term "population" is used both culturally and scientifically to refer to groups of people who damn well CAN exhibit different hereditary traits based on many factors (including insularism)-such as those traits which another blogger pointed out, could even lead to the development of culturally inherited diseases, such as Tay-Sachs, Sickle Cell, Hemophilia, et al. 

 Populations most damn well CAN be classified as "ethnicities", if those populations share certain cultural traits which may vary from one group to another or may respect different definitions from one region to another based on other factors, which may also be responsible for insularism (i.e. Jews DO NOT just elect to be separated from their surrounding cultures-often being perceived as "others" they are retaliated against, and insularisn can most certainly be a defense against such attacks).  Such defenses often factor into how an ethnicity becomes "defined from the outside." (i.e. Serbs and Kurds are defined by religious differences, and as such live in different communities within the same nation).

  At numerous points in the previous two days' ongoing exchange, all Natalie asked for was for me to acknowledge that I read her post stating that she disagreed and on what points she disagreed, but apparently, once I'm in idiot mode, I love going all the way-my uppity I'm-right-no-matter-what-the-facts-are-voice just has such a lovely and melodious sound to me, that I simply MUST sing on.  The only problem comes when I re-read my own posts and must pretend to myself that someone else wrote them because, surely as well I knew I was wrong on so many points already, I certainly would not have proceeded...but of course, I did.  Again Natalie, I am very sorry.  And again thank you for your reply anyway, as you still only proceded to educate.  You never once condemned me an anti-semite.  I appreciate your fairness.

 As to perceived ethnicity, OMG where to start??  Yes others can perceive ethnicity in us, and still never consider themselves ethnic.  American, for example is not an ethnicity, but un-American DAMN sure is!  Take it from any bigot, especially during a time of war. I thank Carl Pastor for pointing out that sentiment from his own experience in another culture during a time a little futher removed from now.

 Thank you Natalie for showing me I was wrong.  I a sorry for the animosity that I know I presented during our exchanges.  Thank you to all who participated both in favor of some of my sentiments as well as against. ProgRockGirl, Susan Stanko, Susan S., dr.kellie. Carl Pastor, Doc, NatJab (thank you for beginning the discussion) and anyone whose name I have failed to mention. You have all been more fair to me during our discourse than I deserved.     

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Comment by Patrick Moore on September 18, 2011 at 12:06am
You're welcome Steph.  But I didn't write it just to be nice.  I think we owe it to one another to be honest-that's why we belong to the nexus-because we're sick of the bullshit!  If I'm guilty of spewing bullshit, I guess it's time to take my medicine and admit I'm wrong for doing it.  That's the price I pay for treading on thin ice.
Comment by Patrick Moore on September 17, 2011 at 8:51pm
sorry-Steph S. I misspelled your name.

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