Honestly, I have been spending too much time on facebook, and only recently have I started seriously reading again. I find it easier to spend time reading with actual books than with that kindle thing, and I am almost glad I lost it last week. I've gotten through two books since then. 

Work is okay. It is tiring being on my feet all day, but at least I am not just sitting around the house all day. It was nice, too, getting disability for the whole time I was out. I am getting to the point where I start to hate people again, and that's not really good. 

I have a friend who has been very understandably depressed. Her son has called me a few times to say he thinks she is suicidal. I've read some of her statements online, and I was thinking the same thing, but I'm a piano player, not a psychologist. I told the son that if he really thought she was in danger, he should consider getting her hospitalized, if possible. I told him to speak to someone (a friend or relative) who was in their area (I'm 1500 miles away) and have them take stock. 
When he told me she wanted him to promise to finish the school year, I told him to make a deal (I don't droop out if you don't hurt yourself.) Later, SHE told me that she WAS suicidal, and it was nobody's business but hers. She also said that her son was 'blackmailing' her out of doing it... What a mess. 

Today I saw that she de-activated her facebook account. I just got finished texting him, and he assures me she is doing okay now. She seems to have improved somewhat. 
Other than that, things look good. I have another friend who's facebook page disappeared on me. I'm not sure if she's shut down, or if she's blocked me for some reason. I can't imagine why she'd do that, but I will call her this week if I hear nothing. 
At any rate, this is my first Nexus post in months. It was the second friend's absence that made me decide to look at the Nexus. 

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