I Don't Believe in Ghosts But I Love "A Christmas Carol" by Dickens: My Life With Mr. Sim

From a first viewing of Alastair Sim as Scrooge in the best movie adaptation of Dickens' A Christmas Carol, I was hooked.  The story employs the use of symbolic characters and moves the narrative as if we had the controls to a time machine.  A wealthy man who won't aid charities and wonders why there aren't more poor houses and prisons meets his old partner, the dead as a doornail Marley, and is warned of visitation by three ghosts.  The second turns out to be this Christmas, not any other Christmas, or rather the fancy sounding Spirit of Christmas Present.  I watch the film over and over every Christmas Eve, if only to see that this jolly corpulent Father Christmas is hiding something under his robes. Seeing that Scrooge hasn't completely got it, he opens his robes and we see two freezing, starving, helpless children, labeled "Ignorance" and "Want."  The ghost warns Scrooge he must beware these two, just as I remind Tea Party Republicans in the House of Representatives to beware their creations, Ignorance and Want.

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