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This is an extinction to a comment (3 actually due to the 500 character comment limitation) I am made to this video (under the name "thenamelessone83"). It is not a Christian video about some cosmic meaning (which is what it would seem like from my comment) it is an atheist video railing against religious purpose. It did lead to the little rant I made.
This post is mostly a copy and past of that comment but I did expand upon it.

A little boy is at a fair, his parents buy him a balloon. They tie the balloon to the little boys wrist with a little bowknot because they know he will let it go and we all know the out come of that. Later the little boy was playing with the knot and untied it, the balloon floats away. The little boy cries, his parents say "its okay, we'll get you another one" and the boy replies "I don't want another one, I want that one!"

What's the point? From our perspective a balloon is a cheap, trivial, meaningless thing but to the little boy it's gold, his gold. From his perspective it wasn't cheap, trivial or meaningless, it was important.
Sure in the grand scheme of things my purpose, my meaning, my goals are no more valuable, purposeful or meaningful than that little boys balloon, yes in the the long run I will die and be forgotten, the Earth will be scorched by a brightening Sun and eventually consumed when the sun expands into a red giant, yes eventually all things will decay and the universe will reach a maximum state of entropy. I don't care! I don't live in the grand scheme of things, I live on the level I live on and on this level - to me - they matter, they are important. I don't care if there is some sort of grand cosmic meaning not, I am neither grand nor cosmic, I am just Me.

Some theists can't to get past their imaginary grand cosmic purposeless purposes and meaningless meanings. They have this narcissistic idea that there should be some cosmic meaning to life but we are not cosmic beings, we don't live on the grand cosmic scale and in this narcissism of theirs they fail to see what is really relevant and this worlds true beauty and majesty.

We are small and temporary beings and we can only live in a small and temporary level. This is what we are and where we live.
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