I gave up trying to get my christian family and friends to think. The info I give them never gets through.No matter how sound my evidence it just does not compute. It is like they have a filter in thier brain that will not let any info contrary to what they believe through. They all ask me why I dont believe in god, but they dont really want answers.

I was talking to one the other day and she said she did not trust science. I told he that that was impossible. When she asked why I stated my case.Shot version being, almost everything we use is a result of science. I told her that not even does she trust science, she trusts it with her very life. All medicine is a result of science.

She had to agree.

I told her we trust in science every day. We trust that the scientists know what they are doing. Some of the most brilliant minds have given us what we have today. We know that these are highly intelligent folks.But their intelligence stops ,our trust fades when god is involved, when our brilliant scientists talk of evolution, they become idiots.

This info did not get through. She didnt get it.Oh well. She babbled out some bible crap. You know the same old crap.

Sorry I didnt write this better. it was just a thought and dont have much time.

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Comment by Jan on September 4, 2010 at 7:02am
Hello! I understand you, it is hard and perhabs impossible. Not every man want to think and one one quote says: "For some it is painful to think about." My guess is that this will be the fear of hell and eternal damnation in christianity.... I also think that if there were not this hell, many people could easily have left the unreasonable belief. :)



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