And sometimes it is M#therf#cking hilarious!!!!!!!

so, i was on youtube and i came across an interesting video called:

"Why Richard Dawkins Doesn't Debate Creationists"

And i thought this video looked fun, i clicked the link ans waited for it too load.
while waiting i scrolled down the comments and guess what???
the whole thing was overrun by some massive IDoits.
one of these IDiots stuck out: NoorminAllah.

now, don't go running, its only youtube, they're not gonna hurt you, they just gonna be massive whinny arseholes.

below is a comment they made on the video:

here is my reply:

@NoorminAllah so by your logic mysoginy and bigotry are science now??

just coz muslims discovered glass does not mean they were the greatest scientists of all time.

EPIC FAIL=NoorminAllah

here is there reply in turn:

@fredslipknot9 If you have proof otherwise then bring it. Islam and science are about proof/evidence. It's not like chrisitanity, judaism, buddhism,
hinduism, etc.

The Quran is the EXACT WORDS of God. Not inspired by God written by man. Not corrupted by man.Had it been the words of a man you would find much contradiction/error in it.

now aside the fact they ignored me calling them a bigoted misogynist, this is pretty average crap.

i was going to quote Graydon Sqaure: 'why don't you believe in god', 'why dont you believe in Ra', baxk at him, but i feel like something more substantial, maybe a full blown list of comments on his page explaining his illogical thoughts.

i figured where better to come to for advice than here.

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Comment by Fred Price on November 9, 2010 at 2:13pm
also, in reply too someone else who got back at him with scientology, NoorminAllah said this: 'Just b/c someone says something doesn't mean it is true. That is why we need PROOF.'.

WOW, just wow...



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