But it's not the usual reasons.  Or maybe it is.  In reverse.  Or whatever.

Mondays are the worst because I'm alone again!  The family is home on weekends.  Usually we have good weekends.  But then comes Monday.

My day so far:

- woke up real early, around four.

- made coffee

- woke the kids up after six.

- went to tell my wife good morning around seven as she got ready for work.

- told the wife and kids goodbye and watched, once again, as they disappeared down our drive.

  - my worst part of the day

- sat in the recliner a little while and looked at stuff on the net,StumbleUpon whatever, some website with free wallpapers, a gadget catalog

- got up and wondered around, another cup of coffee

- moved computer to dining table and started to write something but gave up when it seemed futile

- fell asleep, phone beeping I had a message woke me up

- went to the bathroom and then lay down in the bed.  Didn't go to sleep so I got up.

- got a bowl of cereal, sat back down at the table, more of the same shit on the comp

- fell asleep again

- got up and wandered around a while

- had some pancakes for lunch

- said to myself, "I gotta get out of here," put on shoes, went out the front door

- my nerve pain popped up, as it would because I actually moved around, so the escaping idea came to an end

- had a smoke and sat back down at the table with more coffee

- typed 'am i the only lonely person in the world' in google

   - no answers there

Exciting, huh?  I still have five hours of absolute, total and complete boredom to go. 

DAMN I hate Mondays.

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Comment by Michael Penn on January 30, 2014 at 7:55am

Gawd, I hate monkeys! Oh, sorry. I read that wrong. Besides I've already posted here.  LOL

Comment by Reg MM on January 29, 2014 at 4:38pm

Do you do any online gaming? I could spend a good half a day playing Rift or Star Wars MMOs (both free to play so you can try them out and see if you like them), or lately I've been playing Tales of Maj'Eyal, which is a rougelike game, or even sometimes I just build (and then destroy) cities on CitiesXL.

Comment by Michael Penn on January 29, 2014 at 7:08am

My life is about the way you describe yours coz I don't work again until April. The only difference is that I blink and the day is done. I get absolutely nothing done in a day. The difference between us is that I could literally be the last person on earth and it wouldn't bother me much. I don't really need other people and I always have something to do.

Comment by Luara on January 28, 2014 at 12:04pm

Stephen Hawking, who's imprisoned in a body that can hardly move at all, because of his ALS, said once that he had accommodated to this by living in a mental world.  He thinks a lot deeply about physics, so he turned his disease into a special gift.
Can you pedal an exercise bicycle?  I got a bicycle desk from Amazon.  It's called a Fitdesk.  I got it because I kept getting allergic reactions when I would ride my bicycle outdoors.  One can get mild exercise on it, while spending time online.  Exercise is good for depression so maybe that would help you.
There are so many interesting things in the world that don't require physically going out.  It's easier to explore things mentally - by reading, etc.  There are lots of Kindle books on Amazon you can download right to your laptop.  I came across a popular book about loop quantum gravity recently, maybe you'd find that interesting :)  The author is one of the main researchers on LQG.  I downloaded a preview of the book and there were a lot of interesting insights even in that short segment.  But the previews don't include the LQG parts.  Loop quantum gravity models the Big Bang itself - the original "singularity" at the start of our universe.  Maybe there's a LQG model of the "singularity" in a black hole, too.
I get involved in math problems, and they provide hours of interesting thoughts.

Comment by Ted Gresham on January 27, 2014 at 7:41pm

Thanks Sentient.  I'm interested in a lot of things but with my current physical condition I can't do anything but sit.  Drives me crazy.

Comment by Luara on January 27, 2014 at 6:45pm

So what are you interested in?  The internet can be very enervating.  It pulls you from thing to thing and wastes your time. 

I had another allergic reaction today :(  Sort of fuzzy but not horribly so.



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