she is:

19, a senior in high school, sister of a close friend (who is on a mission as we speak, he will be back this June) that doesn't know about our relationship.

i am:

part: black,Asian,Native South American. (on my drivers license it says i am Caucasian...snicker)

a liberal (open minded) extreme leaning Atheist.

21 and in collage for welding MATC (west). I still live at home.

we have been together for 7 or 8 months. fights break out but we work together and we are still going strong (at least that is what i think).

Any Thoughts? (don't be afraid to insult her religion, after all i am an Atheist too, just make sure you aren't insulting her)

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Comment by Seppuku on January 22, 2009 at 6:44am
I'd say the most important thing is how the two of you feel about each other, religious beliefs shouldn't come between you. You may think being a Mormon is ridiculous, I'm sure most here think that it is. As a Mormon she maybe believe that Atheism is absurd. She may find it impossible to understand how somebody can't believe in God.

But the two of you are together in a strong relationship and if you feel you're right for each other, why should 'belief' in religion make a difference? Though there will be main difficulties: her family and how Mormonism requires you to marry another Mormon, she may be rejected by her church if the two of your decide to go that extra mile. This is something to think about. Unfortunately the best thing you can do for somebody you care about is to be behind them when they make decisions. It is likely that faith is a very important part of her life and I doubt you'd be in place to force her out of it, or to change her mind about the way she see things. Bear in mine that by her dating or even coming to marry an atheist could mean rejection of other important things in her life.

Thus it makes it a difficult situation for you both, it would be ideal if everybody was capable of saying: "Faith, belief, reason or whatever aside, it's our relationship that counts".
Comment by Thomas on January 22, 2009 at 6:01am
Well, I am dating a Baptist and just recently she admitted that she's now basically Agnostic. This was great news. All I did was slowly through the course of our relationship, taught her how to think freely and for herself. She then began to question the world around her and her faith especially. The biggest hook, however, is when I asked her, "Why are you even Christian in the first place?" After thinking about it for a while she came up with the answer. (I already knew it). She went through some bullshit indoctrination from birth with no choice at all. Anyway, man. Good luck to you.
Comment by greyfoot on January 22, 2009 at 12:42am
Darkone, my best friend in high school (and after) was Mormon. I'm a life-long secular atheist, and we knew eachother's philosophies well. I know that's different from a romantic relationship, but he was one of the finest men I've ever known. He challenged me, forced me to ask questions, and he told me that I did the same for him. Though he himself was a devout believer, he was at odds with many of the religious practices expected of him (he, too, went on a mission--to South Africa, no less).

The point? Though the phrase "opposites attract" may be hackneyed and perhaps a little unrealistic, it's far from impossible. Keep in mind that a relationship is with a person, not an organization. Who or what we subscribe to is not what defines least not completely. If the two of you have a real connection, despite the familial and philosophical differences (and believe me, I know that's a tough situation), then you can weather anything.

Wishing you the best.

Comment by Phillip Law on January 22, 2009 at 12:04am
Hmm, I've always been curious what the phenotypes are for a part black/asian. I assume it would look similar to indian. Lol at your driver's licence.

Nice to see that things are going smoothly. But you should always keep in mind that her religion requires her to marry another mormon, so be cautious when she tries to input her religion into a (seemingly) stable relationship. That said, I think you will have a hard time with her parents...haha.

That aside here's the insulting bit, but I think that the belief is funny in itself:

"The Book of Mormon is considered by the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints to be a divinely inspired book of equal value to the Bible. Joseph Smith, founder of the Mormon religion, claimed that he was directed by an Angel to a hill near his home in which he found golden tablets containing the full text of the book. With the books he found two objects called the Urim and Thummim which he described as a pair of crystals joined in the form of a large pair of spectacles. Unfortunately, after Smith finished his translation, he had to return the tablets to the Angel, so there is no physical evidence that they ever existed.

The book refers to a group of Jews that moved to and settled in America where Jesus visited them. Some segments of the Book of Mormon contain sections copied directly from the King James version of the Bible - the Bible that was most popular at the time and used by Joseph Smith. One example is Mark 16:15-18 which is quoted nearly word-for-word in Mormon 9:22-24. In addition, the book mimics the literary and linguistic style of the King James Bible. Linguistic experts have stated that the entire book is written by one man, and is not written by a combination of authors (the prophets as claimed by Smith). Additionally, the book refers to animals and crops that did not exist in America until Columbus arrived: ass, bull, calf, cattle, cow, domestic goat, horse, ox, domestic sheep, sow, swine, elephants, wheat, and barley.

The most compelling proof that Joseph Smith was perpetuating a fraud is the Book of Abraham. In 1835 Smith was able to use his Urim and Thummim to translate some Egyptian scrolls that he was given access to (at that time no one could read hieroglyphics). Upon inspection, Smith declared that they contained the Book of Abraham. He promptly translated the lot and it was accepted as scripture by the church. The scrolls vanished and everyone thought the story would end there. But it didn’t - in 1966 the original scrolls were found in the New York Metropolitan Museum of Art. The scrolls turned out to be a standard Egyptian text that was often buried with the dead. To this day the Book of Abraham is a source of discomfort for the Mormon religion."



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