I just had to share this from my atheism blog as a rant

A strange Sentiment

A Christian friend of mine recently shared on his Facebook status a picture of Jesus coming out of his tomb, and it is captioned with the words, "Like and share if Jesus is risen and Satan is defeated". My friend is a great guy and a good man, but isn't this a strange sentiment to have in light of what's going on all over the world today ?
If there were a Satan, how does the Boston Marathon bombing, the Newtown shootings, the rampant disease and famine all over the world, and all the other evils in the world show that Satan is defeated, or indeed, that Jesus is risen ? Isn't the belief that Jesus is risen and Satan is defeated such a strange and convoluted belief ? No ? You don't think so ? What world are you living in ? Take off those rose colored glasses, and see the world and the universe as it really is ! There is more disorder in the universe than order. You're lucky to have been born in this pocket of order we know as the Solar System.
Mark Twain said, "Faith is believing what you know ain't true". Wake up and face the truth ! There is no omnibenevolent God, no god of any kind worthy of that lofty title.

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Comment by Anthony Jordan on April 18, 2013 at 9:10pm

I originally posted this on my Google Atheism blog for both theist and atheist to see. But the reason I shared it here was to preach to the choir, so that other atheists here might share in my outrage at such a convoluted sentiment.

Comment by Randall Smith on April 18, 2013 at 7:09am

While you're "preaching to the choir" (sorry for the cliche), you're absolutely correct. I think the same thing all the time (and use the phrase "rose-colored glasses").

Comment by Michael Penn on April 18, 2013 at 6:44am

I agree totally. In the case of the Boston Marathon bombing, I'm at work yesterday trying to find out the new info that was released by the FBI at a 5 PM briefing, and nobody cared enough to check the Internet. I told them that they would care if it was a baseball game. Some wondered why I was concerned, saying that bad things happen like this every day and I should just ignore it and not let it get to me.

On a Craigslist "rants and raves" post about the Boston Marathon bombing, someone says that things like this happen because we live in uncertain times with uncertain jobs, government, and  futures. The poster says it will all continue as long as we have this uncertainty. Does that mean I'm going to get fired at work and then go out and bomb innocent people? Does it mean I can become a bomber if I don't like Obama? This is absurd.

Keep in mind that this kind of thinking comes from the same professed Christian groups that claim an atheist has no morals without God and teachings of God. These people unquestionably believe in Jesus and Satan, but they will only be "good little boys" if you promise them candy or some other "pie in the sky" myth. This is the kind of disorder we live in daily but the Christian gets around it because he isn't "long for this earth", or he has the "right faith", or has "more of Jesus" than you do. They go through life like the smiling first grader who has a dead mouse in his pocket. Their belief system is just about as useful!

This type of thinking is not my thinking, but it is no wonder we are all so confused in this world and we cannot solve out problems. Religion causes this and is not credible.

Comment by Loren Miller on April 18, 2013 at 6:38am

It's actually worse than that, Pat.  If Yahweh is the creator of everything, omnipotent and omniscient, then he created his enemies, KNOWING that they were his enemies, and empowered them to do what they do.  Even with this, Yahweh is also supposed to be all-beneficent.  He can't even be powerful yet flawed and therefore more understandably capable of making mistakes such as Satan and all that ... and yet he did.

The model of god and how the universe came to be is so phenomenally screwed up that it's no wonder even children have been able to poke holes in it.  Yet the true-believing adults insist that the way the bible recorded it is the way it happened and couldn't have been any other way.

If it weren't so tragic, it would be laughable.



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