I just posted some of my old Jack Chick Audio Parodies

Yeah, they're years old, back when I didn't know anything about anything. Not that I know anything yet. But there's some value there. There's the Jack Chick tract "Dark Dungeons" written by my hub Francois Tremblay, as an old detective play. Then there's Noah's Ark, as seen through the eyes of a pwecious wittle girl. It's strangely moving. Finally, an inconceivable tract, "The Unloved," a terrible Jack Chick soap, with some bad audio, but some hilarious moments too--if you can hear it properly. I'm thinking I might like to try it again.

There's a couple of long lost audio plays I did about Bibleman. Gone forever from my archives and harddrive. I don't know if anyone has them. Not even the people who were in the thing. They were pretty good.

Anyone know of a Jack Chick tract that's in need of a parody? I've done This Was Your Life, Boo, and Bewitched as well. I really enjoyed making these. And Francois has a real knack with the scripts, doing these Johnny Virtue stories. I just send out scripts, and the actors record the lines one by one with their computer mics, and send 'em back in wav form. Then I add the sounds and music.

Anyway, if anyone wants to hear these moldy oldies, they're on the mp3 player applet on the left sidebar of my Atheist Nexus page.


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