I just suffered as much as any man could ever suffer...

I just suffered as much as any man could ever suffer...

I listened to 15 minutes of a recording of Timothy Keller's "sermon" called "A Reason For Living" and could take no more. Complete and utter lies and stupidity!!! Tolstoy, held in such high regard, is full of shit!!! Who are you to say such a thing, you may ask. I am nobody, but what I have to say is bigger than Tolstoy or even the great Timothy Keller!!!!

Who invented the spear? Who invented how to keep a fire going? Who invented agriculture? Who invented building a home? Who invented indoor plumbing? Who invented the toilet?

You may know the answer to one or two of these questions, but you would be missing the point. Yours and my life have meaning in the future of the well being of our descendants. Religion would have you lie down and die in regards to your descendants' lives. I say, if religion were true, why does it not say that our lives would have meaning if we did our best to make ours and our descendants' lives better?

No they say you should live your life to please your God. Wouldn't your God, as smart as he/she is, tell you that your life is best performed when you make yours and others' AND your descendants' lives better?

If you give up pleasing your God, you will have much more time to dwell on such an idea. If you continue pleasing your God, what would it hurt to follow this idea? Some may say that their religion already told them that. Yes, it has, but their religion also said that without their God, they could not do it. Who invented the wheel? Was he/she a Christian, or Jew, or Muslim, or a member of any other religion practiced today?

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