I had someone tell me in a conversation once that I seem very sure of my answers and in the very same conversation a couple sentences later he told me you don't seem to be sure about a lot of things. And then in another conversation he did the same thing but said I see things pretty black and white and then a bit later said I see things as a lot of gray areas. Basically he was complaining that I was claiming to be able know things for certain but then complained when I said I don't know about other things. I present to you my secret formula for almost always being right. Don't be certain about things you're not certain about. Simple I know. The problem is though that sometimes it means saying, "I don't know" or "I'm not sure". Though this doesn't always work when theists meet science. They seem to always assume that science claims absolute truths like they do. They can't understand that science claims to know things but that it might be wrong and that's okay. Some people will tell you that we can't know anything. But I think most of you will agree that at a certain point of probability we consider things to be certainties until we're presented evidence to the contrary. As all the evidence points in the same direction then we are not wrong to say that's the answer. If years later we find new evidence and it turns out we were wrong the whole time, that doesn't mean we were incorrect in our certainty. Though we are wrong if we stop asking questions and claim something as absolute truth that will always be true.

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