I'm still here. Still in Mississippi. Still surrounded and outnumbered by ignorance.

We have a new mayor. The coffeehouse is open. There's a new corporate chain pizza store. But, really, nothing's changed because the core of the culture of this place has not been impacted one smidgen by any of these superficial changes. The core of this culture is scared of the world and unquestioningly submissive to the God myth.

The new mayor used to be the Representative to the State Legislature for this district. Now that he's vacated that post, guess who's up to be elected as his replacement?  That's right:  the old mayor of this town. Isn't that cute? They just switched places.

I live in Hell. That's what I tell friends from other places when they ask how I am. Locally, such a statement would be proof that I need the salvation they're selling. Thing is, what they call Salvation is actually subjugation, relinquishing freedom of thought, kowtowing to the overbearing persuasion of the religious bigotry that defines this place; all of which is my definition of Hell.

When I go to the grocer's, this is the kind of stuff that visually bombards customers from the front window. Who posts this sh*t? There's no name, no phone, no email address and no address for where the meetings are held. It's anonymous, it's depressing, it's unnecessary and yet... This notice will probably hang in the window for weeks, undisturbed.

My notice announcing the formation of a writer's group, on the other hand, with name, telephone number, email address and description of the group's objectives, was removed by a mysterious hand within 10 days of being posted.

That's how they do things in Hell. I won't be here forever but for now...

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Comment by Randall Smith on November 25, 2013 at 8:10am

I empathize. At least you can be grateful for not living in an age of torture and death. Like Black and womens' rights, change comes slowly, often with battles. And it IS coming!

Comment by Dyslexic's DOG on November 24, 2013 at 10:42pm

I'd start up a Christian literature study group, which would be a disguise for a Christian literature Criticism group, where in the name of study, the faults are pointed out. 

A friend did this very cleverly at university before some members realized it was really a Christian literature denigration group.  But by the time they worked it out, they already had knowledge of many of the contradictions and errors in Christian theology.

Some were not happy, but many congratulated him on opening their eyes.

Though he never got death threats like another outspoken Atheist who at the same time (in the 70s) denigrated the Bible at a student rally. There may be interesting, subtle and clever ways to undermine the culture of ignorance.

Like those of my friends who find such ways to educate those around them and that are willing to take some notice.

I left Melbourne many years ago and I think he is now overseas, so I don't know that any such groups are in existence, though there is no need for them, because we are predominantly an Atheistic society.  It was the universities that led most of the way to such a change.

Hopefully there are universities near you who like ours in the late 1970s, churned out thousands of atheists, who then started educating the general public from their career positions in science, law and social engineering.

There is always a way and hope!

All the best for the future!

Dyslexic God, err I mean doG.  :%



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