I Lost a Close Friend to Religion

I have a girlfriend at work who no longer eats lunch with or take breaks with us (her friends for the last 4 years), she won't accept anything from anybody who is not a Jehovah's Witness, and she barely parts her lips when she sees us in the hallway.  It's a complete turnaround considering how close we've been for the last 4 years.  A lady she met at their annual JW Convention who claims to be one of the "annointed" has moved in with her and I suppose my friend is trying to model herself after this woman.  She has sent her daughter away to live with the dad and didn't show up to her son's high school graduation in Cali as planned because she said "he is no longer my priority."  She put her two cats to sleep and has sold everything in her house because it was all "unclean."  I hear that she even changed her Will (unknown as to whether she excluded her family and put the annointed lady in it).  She's completely a different person from how she used to be in just a few short months ago (fun, maybe a little too wild, caring, seemingly happy). 


I hear she's witnessing to people to get them to become JWs, but her actions are what led me to admit to myself that I am an atheist and join this site.  I despise any and all forms of religion because it requires that we suspend belief and logic.  I'm angry with her for being so gullible.  I warned her at the early signs of this change that she should use her own mind to figure out right and wrong and how she should conduct herself, but I guess the annointed words were more powerful.  Her family has called me from Cali to check on her because she has cut off all communication with them; she has even changed her cell and home number. 


I sent her email (even though we work together) letting her know that I love her like a sister and that she can come to me if she needs anything and I got zero response.  She has obviously made a choice to live this way and cut off everyone that has loved and cared for her (except for the annointed chick that is mooching off her).  I wash my hands of it and if she ever does return to her senses, I don't want to be friends with her anymore.  This time, Jehovah captured her brain, but what's it going to be next time? 

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