I'm Tired of Xtians Puking On My Page!!

  So I posted a picture on my "real" Facebook page:
  Now, if you've read my previous blog, you can probably guess the the conversation following my picture involved my aunt.  On my alt FB page, I have lots of friends who are theists and I see all the timeline posts about Jesus this and GOD...'cause, you know, they always capitalize those important words.  I NEVER comment on them.  I just see it, hide it from the "Home" timeline and move on.  My aunt, on the other hand, feels the need to comment on my things that she doesn't agree with.  I posted a picture of Lincoln containing a rather secular quote one time and she puked on it with scripture.  Rather than "debate" her, I just deleted the post.  I'm not trying to blow up my Facebook page, as I've said before.  This time was different, and I have a lot of my new atheist friends here and elsewhere to thank for this.  I decided to comment back this time.  Here's the conversation, starting with my aunt's first comment:
  •  There's little doubt the savior rose from the dead, but on Easter....the original day set aside for the worship of Ishtar, the pagan goddess.....nah....I agree....no little good evidence there.
  • Me: There's not much evidence for any Easter myth
  • You're right, Easter is a myth, since it refers to paganism in its origin. But, the resurrection, which has NOTHING to do with Easter, is as true as the sun rising in the sky tomorrow.
  • Me: Your belief doesn't make it true
  • Neither does yours, now does it?
  • Me: What do you think I "believe"? Facts aren't something to believe. You either understand them or you don't.
  • Precisely.
  • Me: Okie dokie
  The way I see it, she's obviously confused on the definition of "fact".  Now I could get childish about this, which I totally want to do, but I'm trying to be big about this...maybe.  She seems to have no problem instigating "debates".  I know I would completely destroy her, but she also obviously practices the tactic of circular thinking and ignoring legitimate questions like "What do you think I 'believe'?"  I'm thinking it's not worth my anger and energy to talk to someone like this.  Part of me says "Just delete her!", but we're back to my mom being caught in the middle, which I also mentioned before.  An alternate option, and the cruelest one, I think, would be to invite her to my atheist FB page and just throw her to the dogs, as it were.  What do you guys think?

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Comment by Nontheist Central on April 10, 2012 at 2:05pm

Thanks for the input, guys!  I've decided to just leave things as they are unless she comments again.  At that time, I'll send a message explaining that I don't appreciate her juvenile trolling and that I'm deleting her.  If that's the way she chooses to conduct herself, she's not really deserving of being treated with respect at that point.  I'll put up with a lot from family, but there definitely is a line, and she's very nearly crossed it.

Comment by Renshia on April 9, 2012 at 10:53pm

Sorry, but I think it would be a complete act of futility and you would be much better served by going out and having a beer with the buds.  Look at how your conversation has gone so far. She has not heard anything you have said. When you have asked a question she avoids the answer, but not to avoid i, but what you are say, she does not understand.

I recommend you don't waste your time.

Comment by Nerdlass on April 8, 2012 at 9:32pm

I've had my brother get mad at me for sharing a TYT video (that he didn't watch with a clear head, the first time around.) I had to hear it from my mother, because I hadn't been on FB in awhile... It worked itself out, once my brother cooled down, watched the video, and realized that what I was upset about (NDAA) wasn't a shot at the military but the politicians putting forth the act.

This past week, our 1st cousin, once removed, was..er... removed from my brother's FB, because of another misunderstanding. She'd left me a message asking for me to intercede, but again, I hadn't been following FB much because I had RL stuff to deal with. And again, it worked itself out.

I guess what I'm getting to is... families are going to have their differences. What you need to figure out is what's the important thing to you, in this situation. Is it being right? Or is it being understanding at the least, or familial at the most?

I get the frustration at the double-standard that can happen for those of us with fundy family and friends on FB. You can either pick and choose your battles before they happen, or figure how much fallout you want to deal with later.

There's so many things I've held my tongue on, knowing it would hurt a family member to read. That said, if I ever see a hurtful thing from them, religious or not, I will call them on it. --But I'll do it in a way that I hopefully will show them why it's hurtful and inconsiderate.

And yeah, it sucks that some of us need to walk on eggshells. On a website/app. Shouldn't have to be that way, but the choice ultimately, is ours. And having that choice and the wisdom to choose leaves you the one on higher ground. Hang in there.

Comment by Tony Carroll on April 8, 2012 at 8:46pm

Hey, NC. I know this will sound like a copout of sorts, as I usually don't mind going toe to toe with theists, but you do have your mom and extended family to think about. What problems will it cause to your immediate family, your mom?  And your extended family? If you can fade the heat, and it won't affect your mother, I'd say go for it. Just my thoughts, my friend. Please, be well. Peace.



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