Even though I've been writing for atheist publications since 1994, and have two published books, one still available on Amazon, I get lost on the Internet. I was spoiled for all those years by my late husband’s knowledge about such things, and believe it or not it was a challenge for me to even write this. I’m not sure anyone will even see this! I know, poor, poor pitiful me, but really, all I know how to do is write. That’s it. I have a good friend, a computer geek, smart guy, nice guy, who can’t believe I’m so, well, stupid when it comes to things computer-ish, but when you’ve had over 20 years of having to say nothing but, “Honey! Something’s wrong with the computer!” you don’t learn your way around. Well, I’m alone now and trying to learn. Can someone on this site “adopt” me and guide me through the intricacies of social networking on Atheist Nexus? I would love to “meet” some of you, but I’m not skilled AT ALL at such things. Yet. I am not making this up. Help!




Judith Hayes




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Comment by Daniel W on April 21, 2012 at 2:00pm

Hi Judith,

This is from the Welcome Center....

Welcome to Atheist Nexus!

Nexus has many ways for members to be involved, make friends, learn, and express yourself.   The welcome center is composed of Nexus volunteers, sort of like greeters at your favorite store.


Get to know people with similar interests by searching on Groups.  Use the search box on the Groups page, or browse through the many pages of groups, to see what's there.  There are Nexus groups for many states, cities, countries, personal expression, hobbies, and many other groups.  Get to know people based on what you enjoy, or what you have in common with others.


Ongoing forum discussions are more general interest than the groups.

MeetupTo find local atheist groups and make friends or chat, check out Meetup.com.  (note, Meetup is not connected to AN).  Join Meetup and search on a key word, such as atheist, skeptic, freethought, to find a group.

Support Nexus by visiting Amazon.com through Nexus (see the Amazon box on the right).  Buying from Amazon via the Nexus site does not increase your cost, but results in a small donation going to Nexus.

Terms of service helps you know the "rules".  You can also find the TOS on the bottom right of the main screen.

The right sidebar shows recent posting activities and discussions by Nexus members.  Click on "more" at the bottom for additional activities.


If you have general questions about Nexus, how to find what you want, or other questions, feel free to ask me or another volunteer member of the Welcome center!


I will also look at your profile page and see if I can add something there.

Comment by Steph S. on April 20, 2012 at 11:35pm

Hi there Judith! I enjoy your writings! I have been to your website in fact. I'm so glad you decided to join us.

Comment by annet on April 19, 2012 at 10:40pm

Welcome!  I loved your book, it is funny and smart. 

I recommend the site frequently asked questions (faq) and site rules to get you started.  




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