Long story short, I'm starting up a Commedia dell 'Arte troupe and I need help with a name (and especially translating it into Italian!)

Here's the thing though, I don't want the name to specifically use the term Commedia because that may not be ALL we perform. While that will be what we start out with, we may also do some shortened Shakespeare plays along the lines of the Reduced Shakespeare Company in the future.

Some thoughts already, though I'm unsure about if any of them is right:

I Attori Poveri - The Poor Actors

La Familia di Teatro - The Family of Theatre (or The Theatre Family, I'm not sure which. So you see why I need help with the Italian translation. One can only trust online translators so far, after all.)

Il Gruppo di Teatro - The Theatre Group

As you can see, none of the above seem all that "inspired." At least not to me anyway. I like the first because we will be acting primarily at Renaissance Festivals on a volunteer basis (for "pass the hat" money) so it makes sense in that respect, and it's somewhat catchy, but I'm not sure I'm entirely pleased with it.

I also like La Familia di Teatro because it connotes the type of troupe I'm hoping to establish - both family friendly and wherein the participants feel like family (the good kind, not the third cousin inlaws that drop by unannounced and stay for three weeks until you're ready to scream and/or commit felonious acts upon their persons). Plus it has the added bonus of possible bad jokes about "crossing The Family" and other such Godfather/Mafia puns.

Anyway, all thoughts and suggestions are welcome. I will likely cross post this into the specific Theatre Group here in the hopes of getting more feedback. Feel free to be creative and wacky with your suggestions, but keep in mind they must be family friendly and preferably short and easy to say in Italian.

Thanks in advance for any help!

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