I need to learn to write music, because I've got lyrics!

So a friend reminded me about how I rewrote the words to "Hail Mary" to her name. Most of which I remember and is a running joke. However, what she keeps forgetting was my lyrics to a musical number that I never wrote music for. I thought I'd share the lyrics.

It..just.. takes... just a little faith, just a little faith.
Grab some bread, get some juice, now you have what's for use for
Just a little faith, just a little faith
wear a robe, grow your hair, look like a mess? No one'll care
Because when you're the new messiah

all it takes is a little faith, to make a new faith! *ding*

Yeah, a bit simple, but one that always stuck with me and made me giggle. Hope it entertains some of y'all.

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