Yeah, it’s unabashedly true. I’d take a roll in the hay with the infamous leader of the Communist world. The thought occurred to me during a rather bawdy discussion amongst friends about conservative types of people we’d consider sleeping with. And I gave it a very serious thought. Why the hell not think about it? Nothing wrong with that. And does it really matter what you think of my admission? Nope. Some might ask me if am embarrassed for admitting such an ambitious prey. Don’t I open myself up to ridicule? Oh, I don’t know. I suppose I do on some level, but it doesn’t really bother me if people know what gets my barn doors flying open. And I’ll tell you why it doesn’t bother me to so openly share my sexuality.

It’s because most of the world really, really, really, doesn’t give a flying shit in Hell who I want to fuck to begin with.

I learned early on in my youth some important details about sexuality. The biggest one being that to talk about your personal turn-ons, preferences, fantasies, or even showing pictures of your naked ass on a Polaroid picture, doesn’t mean jack shit in this world. Except, maybe if you are a figure of authority, and even those guys have little to worry about in the long run. I also learned one of the big reasons why others around me might be uncomfortable with such openly shared thoughts and feelings about intimacy. They were visualizing me intimately, even though my revelation had nothing to do with actual desire to be intimate. It’s just a sharing of perspective that happens to deal with sex, not a round-a-bout way of trying to entice people to hop in bed with you.

There is a disconnect in a large portion of society when discussing things like relationships, sexuality, and desire. Even though one can be discussing these thoughts and feelings, many folks forget that attraction and intimacy rely heavily on thought. Often, I am getting Charlie Chaplin’s quote Read more here on my blog The Bluegrass Skeptic...

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Comment by Idaho Spud on June 9, 2015 at 2:50pm

There are several religious nutters that I'm sexually attracted to, but I would never have sex with them, because I couldn't trust them.



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