OK im going to start a video blog in September but address my anger and properly express my anger on what i had to here to day. but in the meantime this will do, so i was at the doctors office today and while i was in waiting room i head this old fart go on about how being gay is a choice and how god is the light, what was worse one of the staff was agreeing with this fucking loon funny thing he said he hanged out in lesbian chatrooms like most homophobic people he had a fascination with being gay and he most likely thought about sucking cock and a lot at that. but im pissed at my self for not speaking up and telling this sad sack of shit off i was pissed and i held it in my anger i did not want to cause a scene and some times goddamn it you need to cause a scene to make a point and put stupidity in its place. so im up set with my self for doing the very think i tell people off for doing being a cowered. i have learned to take a stand on my beliefs and to make my voice heard from this day i will call these asshole fuck twats out whether it be on facebook, on the supermarket. from this day my courage will take hold in the presence of gawwd fearing bigots who spout hatred i promise to you and my self i will do this thanks for your time -----Azel

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Comment by Raven Z W on July 5, 2011 at 11:30pm
I personally just love seeing religious idiots going out making raging rants and act like Nazi monkeys in public. All the better proving to most moderate folks how religion poisons our civilization. If I were to engage with someone in that situation, I would be as calm and courteous as possible while making logical arguments. May reason prevail.
Comment by Frankie Dapper on June 30, 2011 at 10:11pm

Hazel less the H,

Tell us what you really think of that guy. Dont hold back.

You will have other chances. What is truly unnerving about the scene you describe is how the guy is so comfortable with his bigotry, that he is spouting off in front of others, unconcerned that he may offend you.

You can bet the guy is religious too. That gives him his sense of I am correct chutzpah-other viewpoints be damned. Also whenever someone rails against something you have to wonder whether they are what they are railing against.



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