I am really not sure what to say about a site where I , Highly skilled in smartassery, but expert in nothing, am the no.9 "top member". Yet, here I am sharing the top 10 with a prestigious Dr. and glamorous Evil. How did this happen?

I think I know, but I could be wrong.

I am an atheist, that is true (not even an exorcism from Buddha  himself could cast that demon out), but my life, thoughts and actions do not ALWAYS revolve around that fact.

Although it is still young and has time to change, this site is a little bit "stuffy" for me.

I know that many of us are in the education or scientific fields, but most of us are not. Some of us read Psychology Today and Electronic Journal of Science Education, but I bet more of us read People or US weekly, not to mention the 3 of us who still read TV guide (what's left of it).

Sometimes we watch Documentaries on our Netflix, but most of the time it is old episodes of Law & Order or Dexter.

[Switching to first person now]

I think some people are just afraid to post because we are just non-confrontational.

Lady Gaga allegedly mishandling donations to Japan has nothing to do with with the Catholic church and Lafayette's new 'do has very little to do with the origins of the universe.

I do not feel the need to turn a comment about waiting in line at the grocery store into a conversation about atheist persecution.

Sure there are forums and groups for other topics but the traffic is very slow in them. Some of "my groups" haven't had any posts in weeks.


We are all atheists here, we can all agree on it. If this site wants to become a "social network" for atheists, I think we should all tell more jokes (even if they have nothing to do with atheism).

I am starting to hear rumors about this thing called humor..I hope it spreads..

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Comment by Peggy Wilson on July 1, 2011 at 6:36pm



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