i'm an audio engineer, so when i see people in small american towns freaking about about i-dosing, i half crack up in disbelief and half wanna kick the people saying this stuff...

YES.... music can take you places...
does it get you high?
that depends on your mind.

you can't smoke music or take a pill of music...

do you get high when you enter a church or amazing art exhibit?
that depends on your mind.

you can't smoke a church or smoke a painting.

this shit totally cracks me up because... there are a lot of misconceptions surrounding some audio phenomena.
one of the most famous is that in the upper range between 6Hz and 7Hz (inaudible to humans) there is a "sound" that will rock the human body until it shits and pisses and sweats all over itself. an audio weapon, if you will.

this isn't exactly true.

and anything you listen to in your iphone earbuds or consumer headphones --- no any speakers at all, are not going to get you high unless you are willing to make yourself high. and that is mind over matter. that is not a drug. that is a natural state you can consciously decide to put your brain into.

but the audio doesn't get you high.

anyways, this i-dosing shit cracks me up....... i just hope i don't kick the computer the next i subject myself to watching this BS. that is probably another form of i-dosing. lolololol....

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