If I Could Be Vic Rattlehead On All Hallows Eve...

I'd have a blast making Megadeth puns and being a pain in the ass to some people too, LOL.

How I Would Ring Religious Peoples Doorbells As Vic Rattlehead:

Step 1. I get on their portch and sing these lines from "Skull Beneath The Skin" by Megadeth: *As we fold your arms to make the Holy Cross, we cross the crucifix - RELIGION HAS BEEN LOST!* before ringing the bell.

Step 2. If they say shit about the "religion has been lost" part I repeat *Peace Sells - BUT WHO'S BUYIN?!* until Candy is given.

Step 3. If they do not give me candy, I go back to step 1 and repeat the entire process until I get some. XD

Stuff To Say/Sing/Shout While Walking:

Random Lines: "Washington - YOU'RE NEXT!", "Possibly I've seen too much, Hangar 18 - I KNOW TOO MUCH!", "I'll never let you walk alone, I know your enemy - IT ONCE WAS ME.", "I'm Addicted To Chaos - YAH!", "Hello me... it's ME again.", "The Hardest Part of Letting Go Is Saying - GOODBYE"

Responses To Other People: "Killing Is My Business - AND BUSINESS IS GOOD!", "Am I Weak Man? ARE YOU FEELING STRONG?!", "Kill The King!", "Higher Costs, Personal Holocaust - Forecloser Of A Dream", "I'm On My Way To Impact - CHASING HIGH SPEED DIRT!", "Be Like The Mad Dog That Bites The Hand That Feeds!", "I Can't DIE DEAD ENOUGH"

If I see anyone wearing a Puppet outfit or Video Game Character costume: "Dance like the marrionettes, sway to the symphony - OF DESTRUCTION!"

* Thats basically it besides getting candy or partying my ass off... OH! And looking like the picture in here would be so epic. \m/ *


Vic Rattlehead = 1. Mascot of Thrash Metal band Megadeth, often seen on their album covers as a Skelletin with Metal Caps on his ears, Metal Visor blinding his eyes and Iron Staples sealing his jaws shut. Dave Mustaine designed Vic as a type of "VICtim" and the term "Rattlehead" comes from Dave's mother telling him not to headbang or he might "Rattle something loose in there"

Megadeth = 1. The total deathtoll of people killed after a nuclear bomb is detonated. 2. The best American thrash Metal band founded by Ex-Metallica guitarist Dave Mustaine.

Jargon = Specific word used by those in a certain group and/or profession. *rather stereotypical* EXAMPLES *sorry*: "Dude, that curel was totally bogus!" - Surfer. "OBJECTION! ...I rest my case." - Lawyer *like Pheonix Wright, LOL.*

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