If you are a vet, this is something you should be aware of....

This was brought to my attention by my former business partner. Now some of us were in uniform prior to the events of Sept. 11, 2001. Well, starting back in the early 90's the military started to take DNA samples of all it's service members. The reason for this was simple. If you got killed in combat, and had lost your dog tags or had decomposed, they could use your DNA to identify your body and bring you home. No more Unknown Soldiers. That meant something to me. And others. Should I die in combat, and my body lost and not found for years or decades, they could eventually ID me and bring me home and to my family. My family could then get on with their lives and not suffer as countless other families had in the past.
Well guess what. Not now boys and girls.
Did you know that under the Patriot Act, ever time a DNA sample is run YOUR DNA is also checked to see if YOU ARE THE SUSPECT!? Isn't that GREAT!
Yes by serving your country you place yourself under the suspect list. Now, there are those who will say, and I quote, "If you have nothing to hide then you're got nothing to worry about..." Well my response to that is this,
Ya know, this isn't a TV show like CSI (which as you know is make believe). We’re talking about people who have served their country. One of my biggest beefs with Mr. Bush and Company is that you have a ton of those who got out of doing military service during Vietnam in his administration. Now I know that military service is not required to be a public servant or a politician. I don’t want it to be.
But I have very serious issues with the Patriot Act. Specially since the “Father” of the Patriot Act spent his formative years in Communist Vietnam. And he is also a big catholic bible pounder and has worked on some “prayer” related cases. His name is Viet Dinh.
So, should any of you decide to quit the straight and narrow, I just want you to be aware that they already have your DNA.
And by the way, should you piss someone off, and they get some of your hair, they go and commit a crime or kill someone and leave your hair at the crime site, you might just find yourself in prison. I mean, with your DNA at the crime seen, as you may well know from watching such shows as CSI, you’re off to prison. For life. Or if you’re really lucky, the death penalty.
Nice to know this is what a vet can face. Now if they’d only make it so where all our government employees and elected officials had to give up their DNA as well….
Now after reading this, what is your take on all this.
PS. I always get a kick out of watching CSI when they have a suspect and they are grilling him.
Grissom: "We found your DNA in the national data base."
Suspect: "Yes I kow, I was in the Army (Navy, Marines, Air Force)..."
And just FYI, Dinh was also part of John Ashcroft’s morning prayer circle. Yes, in the offices of the Headquarters of the Department of Justice Johnny Ashcroft had a prayer circle. Now, shouldn’t these people who are praying on our tax payers dime take themselves off the clock to do so? I’m not paying my tax dollars for them to pray. They can pray on their own time. Or they can come to work early and pray before the working day starts. Or they can stay after work and pray on their own time.

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Comment by Rick on December 28, 2008 at 6:55pm
That a hoot Flech. I'll have to remember that. Good point.



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