If you don't believe something, you will believe anything! WTF????? or Fundies = Zombies.

Ok, this is in response to the very interesting ads we are often subjected to on Atheist Nexus.

This is also a rant - just so you are warned!

"What do you believe?

If you don't believe something you will believe anything!"
>>> Following said link takes you a 'good news' site to help you find the faith that is 'right for you.'
How many different ways can I say FLAWED LOGIC?
Faulty? Flimsy?
I think this highlights the ill-informed but treasured Fundie belief; if you don't believe in Something - meaning some form of imaginary friend, you are in grave danger of believing Anything - which is to say you will be led astray!!!
How much further astray could you get than unquestioning reverance for men in funny costumes who claim to speak for their imaginary angry sky-daddy????
What The Fuck!?
These gullible fiends are so deep in the bullshit they project their own affliction on those of us who aren't gullible or deluded or in desperate need of anti-psychotic meds!
On a personal note, I am reminded of when I was 21 and told my mom I was planning a trip to Europe with my BFF and her response was (with desperate and dramatic intensity) "You'll end up in the White Slave Trade!" - yes being forced into prostitution is the ONLY possible outcome for two young women with backpacks!
It may sound hilarious but she was serious - she really believed stuff like this. I was lucky in the sense that I was never forced to believe in god or go to church but that doesn't mean I grew up free of "crazy."
To this day she doesn't think I'm 'really' a lesbian - no, no, I fell under the influence of the "those feminists" in University!
What I'm saying is - I know crazy, I grew up surrounded by several kinds of crazy, so I'm pretty adept at identifying crazy when I see it.
Grown ups with imaginary friends = CRAZY- and just like in the Zombie movies - they really want to Eat your Brains!

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Comment by J.P.M. on April 13, 2010 at 3:12pm
This one recurs frequently. I just say I do believe in something. I believe in the scientific method. It has been repeatedly proven to be the best approach for advancing human understanding, approximating truth in the natural world, and debunking bogus crap of all kinds.

What? You meant belief in some deity? Now THAT would be believing in anything. I mean, come on, how many bloody gods are there, and how can you tell which are real and which are made up? (At that point they usually have to crawl back into their little shell, or face up to the challenge of trying to argue that their god is somehow the right one)



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