Ignorance and Stupidity in the U.S.A.

This is my first blog post on Nexus and with a title such as I have titled this blog, possibly my last but I hope not. A little about myself before we get into the meat of this subject...

I was born and raised in a small town in southeastern Ohio. I was a failure in the public education system and dropped out in the eighth grade. I worked in a variety of jobs mostly in the corrugated box industry. I have lived in Columbus Oh, Jacksonville Fl, Greenbay Wi, Fargo ND and now I am back in southeastern Oh living in Zanesville. I have taken the high points of my failed public education and applied them to my 'self education' and I now consider myself an above average idiot. LOL
About 15 years ago I began questioning god and religion only to conclude that modern religions are as much a myth as the mythologies of old. At that point I began my adventure into Atheism.

Ignorance and Stupidity in the U.S.A.
There have been times throughout the history of the United States when its citizens had a few good reasons to be proud of their country... the nations birth, taming the western frontier, the transcontinental railroad, abolishment of slavery etc. Unforunately most great things come with a cost, especially when end results are not well thought through, totally ignored or for reasons of greed and hate.
I believe that the U.S. would be a much better place today had the people controling historical events had took the time to consider the consequences, they didn't and in most cases they still don't today.
Today the leaders of the U.S. would rather start needless wars, police other nations, fund Israel's fight to live in Israel 'based solely on biblical bullshit', imprison criminals without bothering to rehab. them only to see them repeat crimes, and the list of waste goes on and on. Instead of trying to be a role model for other nations as "the greatest nation on earth", we as a nation today fail miserably compared to Japan and S. Korea on education, Japan and northern Europe on healthcare and Japan and N. Europe on low crime rates.
Our politicians and media lie to us constantly, spread propaganda and do and say things that embarrass anyone in this country who has the brains to think for themselves. The other day I heard a senator on the news claim that the U.S. has the best healthcare system in the world and there is no need to reform it. Either the news person doing the interview ignored it, believes it or is just plain ignorant, they never bothered to question the ignorant statement.
Our constitution is set up to give the common people of the U.S. the right to change laws, oust corrupt politicians and basicly have power over the way the country is ran but does anyone really bother?? Some care enough to try but because of a lack of a majority their attemps fail. The reason for there being so few freethinkers who want a better country is obvious... A piss poor education system, religious dogmatic bullshit, and a corrupt government and media.
I may sound like a conspiracist to you or maybe not but it would seem that just as the true intention of the bible was to control the masses, the U.S. population is controlled in similar ways, making us all look stupid to the rest of the world who's countrys are not laden with failure.
To sum it all up, it is the system, education and religion that is the true cause for ignorance and failure in the U.S. but I bet many of you already knew this.

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Comment by Age of Atheism.com on July 28, 2009 at 5:08pm
When our government was set up, our government feared us! Now, we fear our government! That's why we don't ever stand up and fight. The media is also used by the government as their arm to feed us and shove shit down our throats and swallow whatever is handed to us. Europeans seem to take to the streets and riot whenever they disagree with their government (especially the French, they know how to get millions out on the streets!). Remember when the 2nd stimulus package was about to come out? I didn't meet one person for it. For weeks the media shoved it down our throats until Americans were sick of hearing about it and just wanted the thing passed. They like us to be submissive.

The Republican Conservatives use scare tactics to keep our tax money out of our schools and health care. They prey on religious submissive uneducated people to keep the super-rich rich! A republican senator said the other day, that he didn't want to put any more tax money into our kids education because we will cost to much to hire when we grow up!!!
Comment by Ron Edwards on July 28, 2009 at 7:47am
Thanks for the comment Ida. Glad to hear from someone who perfectly understands what is certainly one of the greatest downfalls in the U.S.A. Throughout my life I've heard many people claim that, 'Without a diploma one has no chance of finding a decent job!!' That statement is total bullshit!!
I didn't spend my adult life flipping burgers at McDonalds, I have been able to work in jobs that interested me.... For a few years I worked for a contract furniture manufacturer building wood furnishings for institutions and malls. I worked as an apprentice making hand crafted kitchen cabinets. For most of my working life I worked in corrugated box manufacturing. For a time I worked as a maintenance supply person for The Wisconsin Central RailRoad.
I'm not suggesting at all that people shouldn't get a diploma and go on to college but if I can do all this without a diploma and on self-education alone, just think what one could do with a college education plus self-education..... come to think of it, if the U.S. really had the best education system in the world like so many claim we do, would there really be any need to self-educate yourself??? Again, Thanks Ida!!!
Comment by Ida on July 27, 2009 at 8:40pm
I wasn't born in the U.S, but when I went to public schools here, I noticed many students in my classes had 5 year old minds. I even felt dumber, just going to school here, after going to a private school (before I was 13). You're right. The education system sucks and I can definitely say that I've learned more about the world through self-education. If only more Americans would turn their TVs off and pick up a book.. if only.

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