Ignorance Of The Law Is No Excuse.........This statement has bothered me for many
years. I could not quite understand this statement. Then I realized I was looking at this
statement all wrong. You must look at this statement from the side of the judicial system,
cops and other law enforcement agencies. If this statement did not exist then that would
make the judicial system, cops and other law enforcement agencies so tied up that it
could take years to a try one case.

Lawyers and judges spend YEARS studying law and have so many law books that they
could crush an elephant. Now I feel that the statement "Ignorance Of The Law Is No
Excuse" pertains to them.

When I did my 12 years in school, I was never taught law except for Business Law.
(I guess I was born with all the laws in my head but I have forgotten most of them)

All states in the union have laws on their books that are totally antiquated. Here's
one from some state that says it's illegal to wash your horse on Sunday. Still on the
books and can be legally upheld. How many of you knew that?

Hypothetical example;

You are a model citizen, never done anything wrong in fact you make jESUS cHRIST
seem like a Heathen. But, here comes the rub. You are tired of the GESTOPO tactics
of the police and voice you concerns. This pisses law enforcement off but, they can't
do anything to you because you do nothing wrong. Then one Sunday you decide to
give your horse a bath. You are swarmed by police, arrested and go before a judge.
The judge tells you that you are charged with breaking the law of washing your horse
on Sunday. You say that you never heard of such a law and the judge says;

               Ignorance Of The Law Is No Excuse


Look up "antiquated laws still on the books" on the interNet


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