Facebook, oh that terrible double- edged sword! On the one hand, full of photos of my cousins' kids, a spot where i can check in on my friends from other cities or even countries without a long distance phone call and of course the cat videos... I admit it, I love the cat videos! But there is a darker side... the constant religious posts!

The one that a couple of my friends are circulating today is about the Bible not being allowed at school.  They are saying the Bible is encouraged in prison but forbidden at school and that is why there are so many people in prison.... wtf? Ok, so much wrong with this I just don't know where to start!  I am pretty sure a kid can bring his/or her bible to read during his/her own time, they just don't teach bible study in public school... because it is public school!  Actually, there was a world religions course at my oldest daughter's high school, which I'm pretty sure would have at least touched on the bible, but there was not enough interest so it was cancelled. Frankly, we were both upset that she didn't get to take the class. I'm sure it would have been interesting.

Besides, the one friend (and I use the term friend lightly, spouse of a friend I guess is more accurate) that i know who has been to prison went to a catholic school as a kid, had mass everyday... did not help him avoid the big-house one bit!  I'll have to ask him if they made him read it during prison.  I kind of doubt it, and if they did, it did not help him much.  Total slimeball! 

It is not the fact that they posted this drivel that pisses me off so much, it is that they are showing support for things that they know nothing about!  Not only do they have no facts to support whether bible study in school has any effect on whether or not one will end up in jail, but i bet most of these individuals didn't read the bible in school, and don't read the bible now. I betcha dollars to donuts that if these individuals and i went head to head in a bible challenge, i would kick their butts!  I have been to church and bible study and sunday school and Circle Square Ranch ( actually, a really good camp, except for the bible study once a day!) so i know my dogma!  I have even seen the movie, Dogma!  Now, i can't claim to have read the bible cover to cover... I tried at about age 13 and quickly decided just to skim through, but i know enough about it to have rejected it.

My first instinct when i see these posts is to add a few inflammatory comments in the comment section... or even just post some evil bible quotes to show them that it is not all "love they neighbor".  There are some doozies in the old testament, hell, there are some great examples in the book The Girl the Dragon Tattoo!  But it is just not worth it. I work with some of these people and some of them are related. 

I don't mind so much arguing faith with my more educated religious friends, because then it is a spirited debate, but trying to argue with some of these hicks is just painful.  And it begs the question, why do i have these people on my friends list if i think they are not too bright?  Well, frankly i do like most of these people, (although some where accepted out of politeness) i just think they are fighting for a cause they know nothing about, possible out of social pressure.

My point in all of this rambling is that i hate arguing religion with people who know nothing about the thing they claim to stand for.  Why is it they can take the moral high-ground when all they have to do is click "like" or "share'? At least the evil heathen has READ (for the most part) the book they are promoting... along with several others both for and against religion, and have come to an informed decision.

Anyway, that is my convoluted rant for the day. My chest feels tend pounds lighter! :)

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Comment by Easton Le on June 6, 2013 at 10:02pm

I disagree when people suggest the Bible should be required reading in school. Firstly, it allows religious teachers an open opportunity to push their agenda. Secondly, I think it is a terribly written book that has little to be admired in it. It's 'power' and influence over WESTERN HUMAN HISTORY took place as a result of its monopoly on public education, and it has two main competitors in its local place of origin. There are far better and engaging books written in the past hundred years, let alone decade, that could benefit young generations better.

I think the mandatory curriculum that reflects religion should be a comparative religions class, analyzing each religion equally and how it relates to our cultural history. It should also teach religions outside local cultural experience with equal dedication so people can conclude for themselves how crazy the whole concept of religion is.

Comment by Michael Penn on June 5, 2013 at 10:42am

The Bible should be required reading at school, but NOT as a religious handbook. It should be read and reports done on what you read, discussed in every way as a book, but NO "God teaching" allowed. The Bible never stopped anyone from doing anything (guilt and fear did) but if you read it long enough you might become atheist. I did.

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