Illogicality when theists say god bless to a victim.

Today poking around Youtube I stumbled upon a video topic: Jasenovac. A death camp in the Nazi puppet state of Croatia. I learned that the Vatican was a willing accomplice in the genocide of Yugoslavia's Orthodox Serbians, Jewish and Roma population from 1941 until 1945. The savage butchery carried out on 600,000 men, women and children made Auschwitz look like a country club.  This was less of an efficient death factory, it was up close and personal.  People were killed mostly by hand with special purpose throat knives, huge hammers, axes and other killing paraphernalia. Torture practices were so horrific the top Nazi officer in the region asked Hitler to put an end to it but Hitler didn't.  It reminded me of the reports regarding how Muslim and Croat civilians were killed by Serbs in the Bosnian war in the early and mid 1990's. 

More to the point of my post.  As I traveled to various sites beyond youtube about the topic I couldn't help notice people would leave "god bless the victims" comments.  This is so bizarre to me.  Um, religion and belief in a deity is what got them murdered.  If their god actually cared enough to bless them following a horrific death wouldn't it be reasonable to think their god would prevent the death in the first place.  It would seem to me their god didn't care whether they were disemboweled and murdered why would this deity care to bless them.  I'm sure those poor people prayed really hard.  The motivation behind the majority of those murdered in Jasenovac was religion yet people still say "god bless the victims".  They don't see the illogicality and irony.  I wonder how many of those who posted were Roman Catholic.  Religion clearly corrupts the minds of those who possess it.

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Comment by kfreed on September 8, 2011 at 4:59am

Such atrocities generally can't be carried out without the blessing of the church (of one religion or another). Ever noticed?



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