I'm a little tired of God getting all the credit.

This is just a rant.  But it was brought into the front of my mind by something I saw recently.  It was "Letters to Santa" at the post office, and they were reading letters of some of those in need. It was heart wrenching, and one story in particular stuck in my mind.  It was a man, former military, unemployed, and struggling to feed his kids.  He talked about how he was scrapping for any small job he could take to make a little money, and then he thanked God for keeping his children fed.


This angers me.  This guy worked his ass off for his children, then gave the credit to God.  God didn't feed his children, HE did, and he should get the credit for that.  I know it had to be hell, and to hear him downplay his own hard work just kills me.  God did nothing, it was this man working his ass off.


Every night, my children thank God for providing the food (wife is a fundy) at dinner.  God didn't provide that food, I did.  I worked and earned the money to buy it, and frequently my wife cooks it.  Neither of us get any credit.  It all goes to some imaginary guy who never got up off his imaginary ass and did anything.  


I had a friend who had friends whose young son had cancer.  They were all praying for his recovery.  He died.  Had he recovered, God, not the doctors who studied medicine for years and worked around the clock to save his life, would have gotten the credit.  But he didn't recover, and nobody mentioned God. 


Being God sounds like a ridiculously easy gig. Do nothing, get credit for everything.

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Comment by Dr. Cowboy on December 22, 2010 at 11:41am
It occurs to me what we think of regular humans when they do this.  Some guy works 15 hours a day for weeks on some new project.  He shows it to his boss, who says "hm, I don't know."  Next thing you know, the boss is presenting it as his idea, taking credit for all the work his employee did.  We have a word for that guy. It's not a nice word...
Comment by 1311 on December 21, 2010 at 7:47pm
This is so true!!! I hear about this from just about everyone every time. It's not right and fair that God should get all the credit for doing nothing. People want to continue giving credit? Have them thank God for all those poor innocent children all over the world that die of starvation and malnutrition everyday! "Thank you God for killing thousands of young children and babies this year. Thank you God for allowing women to get raped and young little girls and boys to get molested everyday. Thank you God so much. You're the best!!!



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