after a bit with no computer- too many doctor's appointments- and even today is super busy== trips back to the place we used to call home- hubby got his settlement (yay) so he got his bed (sweet sleepnumber- he frakkin loves it! i am still not sleeping so well- even with the sleepytime meds theve given me... but anyways-

i am finally typing to you from my macbook:) he got what he wanted and as a mother's day/late early birthday/holiday and everything else we've never bought for eachother gift, i got to have my laptop:)


oh and since i was so limited on the computer (oh the crazy all over the place thing was my mouse! got a laser mouse- works great now except the processor errors) i got all into twitter:)

so heres my tweets
so heres my tweets/a>

gotta clean....

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