I've been inactive for a bit. Atheism sort of took a back seat for a bit. I did some political stuff, tried to keep up with life, etc. Things have quieted down now.

I decorated for the holidays. I love Christmas. For me it has nothing to do with religion, naturally. It's more of a beginning as the days start getting longer again. It's the light returning and the chance to get things right. It's happiness and light, feasting and drinking. My house is always decorated with plenty of lights and lots of holly and ivy. We have a fake tree now, but it's shiny and pretty with plenty of suns, moons, icicles, snowflakes, and colorful decorations of all kinds.

But, of course the Christians just had to stick their silly baby in there and co-opt a happy occasion to their dread death cult. It's sort of amazing that they couldn't keep out the primitive happiness we feel at the sun returning to us. They couldn't keep away all the mistletoe and wreaths that dress up the yule. They feel the need to tell little lies about it. The red berries symbolize the blood of Jesus and the white his purity? Now who really believes that? Oh. Never mind.

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