I'm getting so irritated (understated)

The atrocity going on in the Gaza Strip is a prime example of the poison of religion. The death toll is now over 600 including civilians. This is all because of a disagreement of religion. They want this 'sacred' plot of land. We're talking about the massacre of children in a UN school and blatant disregard for 'collateral damage'. People are losing their homes, families and lives over this trivial medieval idea of god. I know its asking a lot but it would be nice for these blind, brainless people to stop and say to themselves "hmm.. we're doing awful shit, maybe we should stop." Or even "this is all pointless." But no. Its all so frustrating. I want to grab these idiots and just shake them.

I think its backwards. We control homosexuals, freespeech, privacy, blacks, asians, mexicans, immigrants, gathering but religion gets to run rampant doing whatever it damn well pleases. Religion should be more controlled than anything else. Most of the world's atrocities have been in the name of some god. Seems like the people in charge ignore this.

I feel so out of control. One can't bring anything to light. One could bring irrefutable evidence to a religious person absolutely proving something and if it doesn't fit into their plan then it was planted by satan to test them. They think that the fact that their prayers are being answered is evidence for god's existence. They don't understand the idea of probablity. If you 'ask' for something for long enough then its likely to happen just due to chance. And if they don't get what they want then it was 'god's will". Its so infuriating.

Something else that is eating at me is miracles. People think that when people 'magically' get better or are cured of some disease or sickness. It seems a far stretch to attribute it to modern medicine, a doctor's work, or just how amazing the human body is to fix itself naturally.

Every violation of civil rights in the US is because of religion. Native Americans because they were here. Blacks because the bible advocates slavery. Stem cell research. Abortion because it is murder. The gays because god says its a sin and its detrimental to the family. Well obviously its now we know that slavery is bad. Abortion is no one's business but the person getting the abortion. It doesn't pertain to anyone but the pregnant woman and her partner. Stem cell research is nothing but a positive thing that contains the cures for many disorders that plague man-kind. Homosexuality is no threat to the family, gays don't just go around spitting in peoples food and turning them gay. there are plenty of hetrosexual couples that well carry on the species. Who someone is attracted to has nothing to do with anyone but that person.

Real Americans need to stand up and show our displeasure in these hate-behaviors. Just let people be people and that would be so much easier without religion. This country was founded on the lack of religion. For the majority our founding fathers weren't religious. There is no national religion even if the christians think this is a christian fundamental country. It's not based on christian fundamental, its actually founded on commonsense laws and rights. This country was founded to be a country of freethinkers but that has been forgotten and left in the alone while our country plunges willfully-ignorant into the 2nd dark ages. The Renaissance period saved European society from the dark ages. We need an American renaissance. Its up to us to make it happen.

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Comment by Adam Johnson on January 8, 2009 at 6:54pm
After reading through everything I'm gonna touch on aspects because I have a limited time. First concerning slavery; which is stated in the bible that it is ok to beat your slaves as long as they don't die within two days (I will get the cite later). This says that first off its ok to have slaves and secondly its ok to beat a person. It was that people were using the bible to justify slavery but that the bible DOES justify slavery.

Abraham Lincoln, as we all know, is credited for freeing the slaves. Abe was not a christian. A quote from his wife states "my husband is not christian but he is religious... I think." And even he said that the bible is not his book. I don't think that religions can be credited to the abolition of slavery; instead people being people.

Concerning homosexuality: gays in this country have had an awful time. To say that it isn't the same as blacks or native americans is disrespectful I think. It is a fight for civil justice and gays are being beaten and murdered to this day. Think to the 70s where many states and cities made it illegal to be gay and work as a teacher, whereas in other states it was ok to fire a gay person or refuse them housing. So what if they can just blend in; they shouldn't have to.

I can point out other injustices in the name of god: women's sufferage, witch hunts, manifest destiny but I don't have time to go into those right now.

I would like to correct myself saying that ALL violations of civil rights is because of religion. The internment camps for japanese-americans in the 40s was not religion based. It was because of WWII. Thanks
Comment by Dre Smith on January 8, 2009 at 1:12pm
Religion having anything to do with the civil rights era is very suspect at best. Those ideas about freedom, justice for all, etc. Had more to do with secular principles and humanism than it did with any specific religious notions about humanity. Susan Jacoby's Freethinkers talks about this is much greater detail than I can recall at the moment should I be able to find those passages I will be more than able to refute that entire notion.
Comment by Dre Smith on January 8, 2009 at 1:10pm
But to justify it initially comes from what? You just don't wake up one day and decide yeah we conquered the Apple people...now what to do with them....hmm...let' see....make them into slaves sounds like an awfully good idea. But how do we handle the political aspect of this in dealing with our own people? We need a good hook to sell this off...because after all slaves will be doing all the menial work other peolpe would otherwise be getting paid to perform. Hmm, let's say they are less than us because GOD says so...that'll make em stop questioning us.
Comment by Dre Smith on January 8, 2009 at 12:20pm
Indirectly my ass. Religion has to be the first cause in these cases. Because to be honest, in order to take a slave and not see them as a fellow human being you have rationalize it in your head that these persons are less than you are to be able to do this. Period. And even if I grant latitude (very little) to the first causation being economic, what was the continuous propellant of slavery and decimation of entire peolpe's languages and cultures? All of that was certainly not propagated on the fact of (Wow this is really economical). Unfortunately, these folks felt they were doing GOD's work, and that is was their sacred Christian duty to excecute these folks. From Columbus on through American and Central American history...Religion, Religion, Religion is often cited as the justifacation for the slavery, the killings and the beatings, the rapes. Not profit margins. You don't find any quotations from these folks about how this is great for their economy. That was an added benefit (economically) after the fact when the idea became perfectly justifiable because it was deemed sanctioned by GOD.
Comment by Clarence Dember on January 8, 2009 at 9:13am
The strongest argument for education articulated in recent memory...
Comment by robin on January 8, 2009 at 7:35am
"Every violation of civil rights in the US is because of religion." This might sound insane but I have never thought of this before. That blows my mind.

Good post.



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