I had written a rather lengthy post and posted it however it seems to have been raptured.

My last day of work was yesterday and my co-workers gave me a party to make Jesus proud. I am still feeling the effects. I'm off tomorrow to finish shopping for human and dog food for our long voyage to Ecuador. I changed my plans after a friend whom I served with contacted me making me an offer I couldn't refuse to visit him and his wife in Ecuador. They left the States shortly after his enlistment was up and became ex-patriots. I followed suit a couple years after but chose to stay and work here.

I had intended to travel to Scotland to visit family for a couple of months before hiking & biking around Europe but chose to go south instead. I prefer the warm water and sunshine to the cold rainy days of the Highlands.

I have a long list of DVD's to buy to add with my Amazon book order that came the previous day. I will have enough to keep me entertained during the long voyage. If I run out of movies and books there is always deep and philosophical discussions with my rottweiler Dawkins. He is never cynical and has the most open mind of any dog I've ever known. Yes, I did name my dog after the famous Richard Dawkins for they are both intelligent, vocal as well as fearless in saying what needs to be said when it needs to be said. He has been a great companion for the past 4 years now.

The hardest part during long journeys away from fresh produce is eating raw the entire time. I have to eat based on what goes bad first. If I run out of raw I have organic solar dried food to use in place. I enjoy being alone in the middle of nowhere having the night skies all to myself to ponder how insignificant I really am in the greater scheme of things. I say this with absolutely no religious or spiritual connotations.

I will miss my friends, the Key West beaches and the drive into Miami for work on my motorcycle. I look forward to this next Evolution in my life. I joined several groups and will try to take part in them. I have Internet via my phone howbeit ever slowly. My days of piggy backing broadband with my Apple are soon to be over. I look forward to meeting some of you someday when I make it around to your place of domestication. I am buying.

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Comment by James Cameron on April 6, 2009 at 7:52am
Thank you Sydni. I can do this because of parents who were well prepared for their deaths. I am grateful for this beyond measure.



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