I'm taking my stand against the christians and to lead by example of spreading our words of reason and reality.


Christians in general are some of the most scariest people of all the religions on this planet. They force there beliefs on you and if you don't believe them they will beat you, yell at you, and tell you lies to try to scare you into believing what they want you too. Only people who have the brain to think for themselves and make there own opinions are the strong ones because we can think for ourselves. In the words of Corey Taylor "Angels lie to keep control" If you look at most of the wars the world has ever had it was all based on religion. More people have been killed in the name of "God" then any other reason since the dawn of mankind....(The Crusades, The Spanish Inquisition)... Case in point. The world needs to stop trying to live by false lies and false promises and think for themselves. Me being an Atheist isn’t just me saying there is no god. Me being an Atheist is me being my own person and not what society wants me to be. I form my own opinions. I think for myself. But most of all I'm an Atheist to try to spread the word of what damages are being done to the earth and humankind, all in the name of god. I have became a Reverend for the First Church of Atheism to take my stand against the christians and to lead by example of spreading our words of reason and reality. I want to utilize the same organizational structure that they use in spreading their faith, to spread our ways of free thinking, reason , and reality. I plan to organize fellowships and use them to spread the word of reason and reality to others. Hopefully one fellowship can grow to become 2, then 3 and so on. We need to become better organized in spreading if we want to make a difference. Internet groups and forums are great, but we need to be a lot more proactive in recruiting like they are, or we'll never have a world free of religious dogmas!. If we utilize the same methods as the christians have done, I can then foresee a chance for hope for our world!

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Comment by R K Sudan on April 16, 2011 at 8:53am

Well, I beg to differ with the opening lines that Christians are the scariest creatures. In fact all those practicing religion feel insecure and create false identities and force them upon others. The Hindus, the Muslims, the Jews etc and the list goes on. That is simply because no religion has ever instilled confidence in individuals. Instead it caused only fear, and fearful are always insecure.


I agree with the rest of this post. Anyone being atheist means much more than just denying god. It means many things including being responsible for one’s actions. As an atheist I’d never go looking for scapegoats for my actions gone wrong. Yes, spreading atheism as an alternative culture is the prime need for stability of humankind.



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