Image of G'd burned in our brains as children

Gwen (a fraudulent friend of my late mother)  asked me why did I hate G'd so much.  I asked, who told you that I hated G'd?  When did I say that and where did I say that?  Gwen told me, well you don't go to church, you don't worship Jesus.  I knew where Gwen was going with this and I turned the tables on her.  I said the following.

First of all, get your facts straight before you come to me with bullshit.  Let's address this Jesus thang, shall we? Where does it say from the OT stating that I must worship Jesus?  There is nothing in the OT that said that Jesus traveled anywhere in the OT.  Since you are not astute to the truth regarding religion, let me clarify something.  As children, most Americans were brainwashed into thinking that Jesus is G'd, which he is not.  It is very hard to reformat one's hard drive (brain) to get rid of this image.  Since G'd was supposedly hidden in the OT, where did this image of G'd show up in the NT? 

I asked Gwen, where is mandated in the OT that I had to attend a church?  Where is church in the OT?

Gwen, since when did Jesus become G'd?  She thought about it and used the excuse that G'd gave his only begotten son.  I said bullshit.  If one was astute enough, one would have done their research and found that every major religion, G'd had a son somewhere buried in another religion.  Gwen's eyes got really big and I swear that you could see her pupils starting to spin.  Could she be thinking for once or is she trying to come up with a comeback?

Hmmmmmmmmmm?  No answer from Gwen.  I am still trying to get that Jesus image out of my mind.  Slowly but surely, he's leaving.

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Comment by Michael Penn on February 12, 2013 at 6:23am

Hi Regina. People do strange things in the name of God. To them it's unheard of that you wouldn't believe in him, especially if they go to some building that they refer to as "church." (I believe that originally the term meant people and not a building.) When I was one of them and active with them, I recall hearing of the murder of Madilyn Murray O'Hare and her athetist family members. They were killed over greed and money, but my immediate thoughts were "I'll bet God killed them for not believing in him." As strange as it seems, this is how "the faithful" think. Your fraudulent friend would be no different. Faith and believing are steeped in superstition. I think Gwen was trying to come up with a comeback.

As for a "Jesus image" it's hard to imagine just what that would be. I'm sure he didn't look like Tab Hunter, and he might have looked more like bin Laden. We westerners have all the painted pictures of old, and we see Jesus in the clouds of the sky, toast, stained glass, and even in a potato. It's easy to imagine Elvis Presley this way because we at least KNEW what he looked like. As for Jesus, we haven't a clue. Even when Judas "betrayed" him with a kiss it was so the authorities would know which man in the crowd he was. This would seemingly make him so ordinary that he never stood out in a crowd, and therefore would take away some of those old and grand built up images over the last 2000 years.

At best Jesus is comfort to those who need comfort. He is love to those who need to be loved. Time has made his image much greater than fact. If he ever returns for the "faithful" how in the hell would they possibly know him? Just another Bible thing that doesn't make sense.

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