I am working with a student right now in my Sociology Senior Seminar on a topic very much related to my own research on atheists. Here is the data from one question (so far) answered by 27 students. I am interested -though not surprised- by the high percentage of "No religions". The survey will stay live until next Friday and we'll have more detailed data. To put this in context, Elon University is a 5000+ liberal arts school in North Carolina.

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Comment by Anwar Diamante on October 29, 2009 at 5:48pm
Wow, first, I too did a senior seminar from the private/catholic college I attended. Then of course a Master's thesis. I am amazed at the research even at the undergrad level that is being conducted at colleges/ universities across the country. Well, I too, hope that non-religion does increase. We know, that it only causes confusion, conflict and division...

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