In Augusta now...Atlanta in the morning!

The drive to Augusta started smoothly until we (me and my sister) hit an hour long traffic jam involving a smashed up semi-truck and other vehical that wasn't even recognizable considering it's doors and other car parts were flung all across the highway. I really hope no one was hurt.

After we made it past the accident it was smooth sailing from there. FIRST LONG DISTANCE TRIP ON MY OWN COMPLETED! YAY! I'm very proud of myself but I also gotta thank my GPS. I very much enjoyed listening to 2 episodes of the Atheist Experience on the way as well.

So! I should be heading to bed soon. It's 2am and I gotta be up at 5am to start getting ready to head out. I got a 2 hour drive to Atlanta but at least my dad will be driving and I can probably nap a bit.

I got a check list for what I need to bring to the convention!

-Camera & charger
-Phone & charger
-Dawkins books & Dawkins Gift (oh yea I should take a pic of the gift before I give it away)
-Ticket receit
-Hotel address!

I think that's all the major things I needed to bring. Must double check before I leave!

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