In the 47th Generation  ©2013 by Utah Author Steve Nelson.

A Scifi Action/Adventure story set nearly 1000 years in the distant future. The Earth has finally cleansed itself from the radioactivity & chemical pollutions of 20th Century man. Now Dan47 & his mate Kati47 are sent to the surface to see if life is once again possible there. Follow the adventures of Dan & Kati47 as they lead a hearty band of explorers to the surface & as they explore their new world of the distant future, together.

This Scifi story is based on a Real Scientific paper by a Real MIT Scientist, Matthew Stein. So Buckle up! Get strapped in! And Get set for Adventure; In the 47th Generation

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In the 47th Generation

By Steve Nelson


The very near future…

Daniel and his friend Jim had been exploring this seemingly endless network of caverns for several days now. They had descended through the maze at a steady pace, and by Daniels pocket instrument readings, they were now almost one half of a mile below the earth’s surface. This vast underground was located somewhere in the middle of the North American continent and it seemed to go on and on.

It began from one small opening that his friend Jim had spotted. The opening remained small and almost inaccessible for quite some time, until it at last began to open up into larger and larger spaces. Then from one vast gradually sloping but nearly level cavern, they descended to another and another and another. Some caverns spread out this way and that, but always the network of natural tunnels led downward. Now the pair of friends had stopped as they had seen enough.

The endless silence of this newest cavern was to the human mind like the impenetrable vacuum deep space. They stood still and listened to the silence as they played the beams of their lights all about the immensity of the space. They remained motionless, in absolute awe! This was probably the biggest cavern they had seen yet.


“You know Jim,” said Daniel. “One could think thoughts so loudly here!”

“One sure could,” said Jim. “This silence is like a blank chalk board, just waiting for its first word or set of calculations to be written upon it. It’s incredible, so much silence, not a single sound of wind or insects or people or machines or anything!”

“There hasn’t been a single spike on my Geiger Counter since the 400 foot level,” said Daniel.

“And the mineral deposits down here just keep getting richer and richer as we go onward,” said Jim.

Then after a moment of silence while both young men were lost in their thoughts, Jim commented further; “Notice the phosphorescence that has increased all about us?”

“Yes, the glow all about us is almost enough that we don’t even need our lights down here,” said Daniel.

The men broke out some rations and began to eat as they sat on a natural outcropping of flat rock. They talked further of their shared dreams of the future and how they wished they could make the world above a better place. But the despair of the world above was so overwhelming. It was completely Paralyzing in its effect on the human psyche. Many people above exhibited these effects constantly in their daily lives. They went along to get along with every whim of the Elite and their Global Government Empire. There were few who even exhibited the smallest molecule of individuality or of independent thought and creativity. Anyone who expressed the slightest sign of these traits was ridiculed and labeled an Extremist, a radical, or a non-conformist and therefore, dangerous.

Daniel kept coming to the same conclusion, and his friend Jim had to agree, the world above was so corrupt and headed for disaster, no one could stop it. No one! The corruption was rampant and deep seated in all walks of life. It had taken over everywhere; in the religion racket, business large and small, science, medicine and especially in the government, which controlled mainly the War racket. The world above would stop its self and soon enough.

The constant mind controlled Manchurian Candidates were another thought that went through Daniels mind. The government was sending them out almost weekly now, to shoot up churches and school yards and any other gathering of people that they could get their sites on. It was stirring up the whole country to thoughts of rebellion and some even promoted total anarchy.

Also the two friends thought, churches and schools were now only mere propaganda fronts for the government and the elites that supported them. The UN was threatening to step in and take over complete control of the country, and was even invited to do so by the political leaders, as they were more than eager to sell out the country, and the last hopes for freedom in the world.

The existence of the mind controlled Manchurian Candidates had been revealed to the world way back as far as 1991, when a Green Beret Col. by the name of ‘Bo’ Gritz, had spoken of it in a talk. The talk had been recorded and thousands had then learned some of the inside secrets of the government, their plans and so on… Later, Daniel had heard the same talk on an old cassette tape, and thus he began his personal quest for more truthful knowledge.

After a tour of duty in the Marines, Daniel attended MIT and got his degree in Mechanical Engineering. While he was there he formed his inner circle of like minded friends. Jim was one of those very close friends.

“Jim, you know my personal motto, the one that I learned when I did my time in the Marines. It’s what I have lived my personal life by ever since. I always Improvise in any situation, then Modify, and if need be Adapt. And then in one way or another I have always Overcome whatever problem I’ve ever faced. That way of thinking has served me well, along with the mental discipline that it fosters.”

“So I tell you my friend,” continued Daniel, “Katherine is scared, Very Scared indeed, as are the rest of our people. What with the daily shootings, the chemicals being sprayed into the atmosphere, the perverted genetic manipulation of the food supply only for evil, multiple surveillance cameras on every street corner, solar storms getting more intense, the list just goes on and on and on… We must get moving with our plan before it’s too late.”

Jim was nodding his head in agreement with everything that Daniel was saying. Both Friends had read the same research paper from one of their fellow graduate students at the prestigious MIT. (Now it is a Historical Document, reprinted in the back of this volume for the reader’s convenience). Both men knew what had to be done. Daniel with his expertise in Mechanical Engineering and leadership skills and Jim in Geology, along with their network of friends which all together spanned an incredible array other fields, could, working together, really make their plan a reality.

Daniel brought up another subject. “Jim, do you remember Ed Smith?”

“Crazy Ed? The whiz kid from some nameless place in Russia? The one that was kicked out of the institute for unorthodox experiments?” Jim asked. Daniel was nodding.

“Let’s see; What was his real name, or did we ever know?” Jim asked further.

“Zinkov Dimitri Dinkof III,” Daniel said in a matter of fact tone.

“Yeah!” Jim said as he laughed, “That’s him. No wonder he changed it. What do you want to talk about him for?” asked Jim. Daniel only smiled and kept on nodding.

Jim clicked his fingers and asked again,“His suspended animation experiments on the Dean’s prize winning dog? The one that remained deader than a door nail after he froze it solid?” Jim’s line of questioning went forward with a continuing chuckle and a bit of a grin on his face.

“Well he’s come a long way,” said Daniel evenly, his thoughts distant and far away.

Daniel paused and then said more seriously, “He has continued his experiments on his own and I bumped into him just 2 weeks ago.”

“Jim,” said Daniel, “He is really on to something. I believe he is worth bringing on our team. If he can perfect his system, I want to use it as a backup plan for our people.”

“Whatever you say boss,” Jim acquiesced with a wave of his hand and a continuing smile on his face.

Jim turned to star at the immenseness around them as he went on talking with a different thought, one that he as a geologist was amazed by. “You know my friend, with all of our troubles and our urgent needs; I think it has been a stroke of absolutely pure luck, or maybe even fate, that I found this small opening leading to this vast underground. The rock here is so incredibly geologically stable too. What do you say?” Jim finally asked.

Had it been a stroke of pure luck, or fate as Jim was wondering? Daniel thought of that and all of its implications. Jim had found the small opening to this vast underground, several months before while on one of his exploring trips that he periodically conducted. He conducted these exploring trips in pursuit of that elusive additional degree that he always wanted to get. The opening was so obscure no one else had ever discovered it. Jim had invited Daniel along on his next trip to this place, and here the two of them had made discoveries that astonished them both.

“No!” Daniel said. “This place has been prepared for us!” He stated with complete faith.

As they sat on the rock and ate and thought, Daniels mind went over the requirements that a society living underground would have to follow. The limited space and the lack of sunlight were but a few of the obstacles to be overcome. Then there was the social order of the community, it would for the time being, have to be somewhat regimented.

“We may be underground for a very, very long time my friend,” said Jim.

“Perhaps as much as 1000 years,” Jim further stated in a near whisper that sounded like a shout in the quiet vast stillness of the cavern in which they sat. His voice though soft, echoed for some time.

Daniel heard his friend and his warning statement and he thought onward to the future and the things and the people he loved. Daniel loved the treasured founding documents of his country, The United States of America, the Constitution, Declaration of Independence and the Bill of Rights, and all of the Freedoms that those documents guaranteed. But living underground would put limits on everything, even those precious freedoms. They would simply have to find a way to cope and look forward to the day when the earth would be New and ready to receive human life again.

Daniel also loved Katherine. She was the love of his life and he couldn’t bear to see her and any future they had together, ruined by the increasing violence, and the coming radioactive clouds of fallout that would soon blanket the earth. That new day, the dawn of a New earth and New freedom for his people, couldn’t come soon enough for Daniel.

Daniel stated his concluding thoughts aloud for his friend to hear and record later in his journal.

“Let’s go back and get busy. This place is perfect for our plan,” said Daniel. “To echo a leader of the past; This Is, The Right Place!”    



Chapter 1   Thoughts & Notes on Leaving the Colony

Oh My Gosh! Where do I begin? What is most important and what is least is hard to sort out. Perhaps as I relate ‘Our story’ to you the reader, whoever you may be, I will regress from time to time and let you in on the events of the past, as I have come to know them. Some of the details may be sketchy, but I’ll do the best that I can with what I know. And as our story progresses you can readily see how the past events relate to our story in our day.

This Work Cycle is a big moment for us. I am so excited! I am Dan47. I have lived all of my mere 18 circles here in our underground colony. Some of the others, our elders I mean to say, have lived so very long here in our colony; some as high as 300 to 500 Circles. The human life span has been greatly increased due to our advanced science and the purer foods we eat. Our foods are filled with the proper nutrients and vitamins necessary for happy fulfilling complete bodily health. Plus our air quality here in the colony is much better than the air that our founders had way back in the 20th & 21st centuries according to our records. But now as we are readied to leave, there is real electric excitement in the colony. It is our time of departure for me and my mate Kati47. Would the air on the surface be cleaner and healthier than it was in the past? This question and many others we would answer soon.

Sitting here in the driver’s seat of our snow crawler, while I await our departure, I am using this time as final checks are made, and the umbilical lines are one by one detached from the crawler. To type away on the computer key board, the story of our adventures.

The controlling instruments on panels all about me here in the cockpit are many and look very similar to aircraft control instruments that I have seen in old pictures. Many are lit from within and the lights of them change colors when they are activated. No, perhaps these instruments look more like those of a spacecraft? I have seen only old videos to compare them to. I almost feel that if I pushed the wrong button here or there, or pulled the wrong lever here and there, we might just take off like an aircraft, or a rocket.

Forgive me if I rattle on from time to time, as I have so much info to put down for you. I am going to work really hard to get as many facts about us as straight as I can. Our story to some may therefore seem a little scatter brained, maybe not in the order that you’d like it, but I am recording it all the very best that I can just as it happens to all of us now, in the 47th Generation.

It is not a problem for me to spend extra time doing this work of writing our story. Work is not a problem with me or for any of us. It is kind of the motto we live by in the colony. ‘Idle hands are the work area of the dark side,’ as the saying goes. Other older generations and others of the 47th Generation will be following us and I will try to get in a bit of their story as well. Our story I hope may help and inspire others far into the future. Even if the readers of our story just gain some entertainment along with a bit of useful knowledge, then I as your writer, will be satisfied. This may only be a first volume; I don’t know for sure, we’ll have to see.

We will be going where no human of our colony, of any of the generations still living, has gone before. Yes, we are going to the surface, the surface of the Earth. If we are successful, more of us from the 47th, 46th and possibly even the 45th generations will follow, then perhaps Daniel1 and his original followers who lie in suspended animation as well.

Those of the older generations may need to wear eye lenses and stay out of the direct light of earth’s star as long as they choose to live on the surface, but Kati and I and all of us from later generations will probably be a lot more adaptable to the expected surface conditions.

As of now, I have everything in readiness. I and many others have been working for many time periods to plan just exactly what we may need when we reach the surface. We think there may be a lot of snow and ice to contend with on the surface and our snow crawler is loaded and ready with enough provisions to last us several months, even an entire solar cycle if we stretch it some. If there are areas without the expected snow and ice, our crawler is very capable of operating on almost any kind of surface terrain. I have my personal gear ready and all packed, and I am anxious to see what is really up there! Kati is full of nervous excitement as are most everyone here in our subterranean world. Excitement for the many discoveries we may make and nervous because this is a big step we are taking. We are leaving the only home we have ever known.

I am as I said, Dan47, and that means I am Dan of the 47th generation of Dan’s that have lived out our lives here in our self sustaining cocoon, which is far underground somewhere in the Midwest of the North American continent. My great grandfather, and that’s many greats back you may want to know, was one of the grandfathers of us all. He was the Great Daniel1 of so long ago. He saw the need of this home that he built for us when he attended a great learning center called MIT.

Katherine1 was Kati47’s great, great, great and so on, grandmother. We and all the humans in our colony are the descendants of Daneil1 and Katherine1, and his party of scientists, and engineers that came below the surface so very long ago. They excavated and built our subterranean colony.

Let me tell you a little bit about our colony. It is a fantastic marvel of engineering construction, a living underground cocoon. From the fantastic Magnetic Flux Linear Acceleration Generator that powers our home, to the science labs of every type, manufacturing spaces and living areas. Extra space is becoming hard to find and is somewhat limited. We have kind of outgrown our cocoon you might say, and just in time for us, as this has been planned for by the wise and careful conservational planning of Daniel1 and his team.

Also a new caretaker generation, of limited numbers, is born in the colony every 20 to 40 time periods we call Circles. Daniel1 and his party of experts in multiple fields, labored long and hard to make our home as livable and enjoyable as they could for the time that was required, while we waited for the earth to regain its natural balance. One of the most important things they did was that they pioneered ways of growing a nice variety of things in low and ultraviolet light. Daniel1 longed for the day when possibly he himself and many of his descendants could return to the surface. Because he knew that the human being needs real sunlight and open space to really thrive.


Here’s a little more information about Daniel1 and why we came to be here. There at the great learning center of MIT, Daniel1 read a research paper by fellow student, Matthew Stein. It was about the immanent disaster that would soon strike the world. You can read this paper, (now one of our most valuable historical documents). I have taken the liberty of placing it in the back of this book for your easy convenience. Also you will please forgive me if from time to time I may repeat something. Perhaps it’s just my scattered brain, but I just think that when something is important it needs repeating, as there has been in the past so much error purposefully published in the world. Error purposefully published lead many humans to a lot of false ends and disasters both public and private.

Daniel1 also had a backup plan for him and his hardy group of followers that built our underground home. He cultivated the friendship of one; Ed Smith. Ed was a genius in the field of cryogenics and the related study of suspended animation. When Daniel1 and his group came below ground so very long ago, they brought with them Ed Smith and his experimental suspended animation apparatus.

Over time as the world above caved in and collapsed, Daniel1 observed Ed closely and his experiments. He watched and patiently waited as Ed worked hard to perfect his methods and systems. When Daniel1 felt that Ed’s systems were achieving success in their operations and were therefore safe to use, the time had also arrived when Daniel1 felt that he had done all he could do himself, in the construction of our underground home. So he believed there was no more that he could personally do for us. Daniel1 along with Katherine1 and 50 of their associates were put into Ed Smiths suspended animation ‘Life Capsules’ as they called them.

Ed’s ‘Life Capsules’ are beautiful silver tubes with plexiglass covers. Our main computer moniters each of them continiously and tells us regularly if there is any need for adjustments. The ‘Life capsules’ are all located in our main hall cavern, lined up row upon row. We can hear Daniel1’s voice from time to time, but we cannot see his face, as a layer of frost has coated the inner surface of the viewing windows. We marvel at what a genius he was and is, and for all that he has done for us.

That was long ago and there were 52 of them who chose this route, that they might see the sun once again. In fact Daniel1’s specific instructions were, that when in the future one of our generations was to succeed in establishing a foot hold of human life, once again on the surface, that he and his colleagues were to be revived at that time.

We, over these past generations, have been their caretakers. We have carefully watched and kept their ‘Life Capsule’ units in the best of operation. Sadly, 4 of them have failed despite all that we could do. So now, in my time of the 47th Generation, somewhere around 1000 solar circles later, there are currently 48 of their preservation units still operating. Daniel1’s capsule is one that still operates.

I will be so happy one fine work cycle, to report to him, about my success and adventures on the surface. To actually meet the great Daniel1, the father of us all, will be an astounding and most humbling moment for me. I suppose it will be the same for Kati, to meet her Grandmother Kathreine1 as well.

Follow Dan & Kati47 as they explore their new world of the distant future Together...

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