Well, for starters, my name is kaila, I'm 19 years old, I have a beautiful 2 year old daughter, and only just recently did I come to terms with religion.

I was born January 8,1993. The same birthday as Elvis. My mother, I did not know until I was older, was a drug addicted, sex fiend, alcoholic whom was no where near fit to raise a child, let alone two. She has severe psychological problems. All I can remember my entire life was my mother laying lethargic in her room, extremely high on medication she convinced the doctor she needed. Complaining about this and that, never accomplishing anything she put effort into. I became the mother to myself and my younger brother. Before the tender age of 3, my mother and father had divorced. Soon after, my mother met a man named John. He became my step-dad for a number of years. He was an alcoholic. An abusive one at that. I was raised to believe in the supernatural being of the name 'jesus'. During my adolescent years into my teen years, I called to this 'man' whom was supposed to help people in need. My family was in need. My prayers were never once answered. I then started doubting his existence. When I was 16, I became pregnant with my daughter. At age 17, she was born. Her father was very abusive. I then prayed and hoped to 'god' things would get better. They never did. They got worse and worse. Until, I snapped out of my shell and moved to Oklahoma, 600 miles from home. I then moved in with my extremely religious grandmother. I had some previous, unresolved issues going on that started affecting my day to day life there. My grandmother did her best to straighten me out, using religion as her force to be reckoned with. I succumbed into it, being as naive as I was. My life began to change and I started to believe. I started to be a nice person, and did my best to keep my morals where they needed to be. But, it was then I realized my attempts to satisfy my grandmother need for me to fully surrender my life to the invisible being were for nothing. My grandmother claimed to be a very humble, gracious, and very Christian woman. She was and still is anything but. She began to talk maliciously about me to everyone. It was only when I was home and within listening distance so I would hear her. She is the ultimate reason I turned my life away from religion. People who proclaim they are religious, and believe they are trying to help save your life and better humanity do just the opposite. They repress your natural instincts and make you believe you are a horrible person. I, in fact, am not a horrible person. I am nice to everyone I meet and almost always have a smile on my face. I try to be the person people are glad they know. I make people happy. WITHOUT enforcing some religious crap down their throat. I am nice without religion.

My name is Kaila. And I am a proud atheist.

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Comment by HotMess on February 18, 2012 at 1:42am

Welcome Kaila an I hope you've found the "parenting little heathens" group here. It's wonderful to meet other atheist parents.



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