So what is interesting about me that is not only me being alive. Sometimes that is difficult to answer and it takes some creative brainstorming that is not always self convincing. I am an artist, teacher, uncle, hunter, environmentally conscious supporter, independant and humanist. I have made some art in my life that I am proud of and it helps define my personality and knowledge but I feel like I need to do more. I am happy to travel when I get the opportunity and have been abroad and to a number of states. I realized I was atheist early in my college years and was happy for that realization yet troubled by the hidden pitfalls in society. I do not value capitolism for myself. I know the need of finance and want to meet my needs. Seeing so many abuses of power is scarey and depressing when needless suffering is so vast. I spend too much time on solving trivial problems and not enough time on my responsibilities closer to home. I feel like I try to do a good job. I know that compassion and balance is important to healthy living yet I sometimes miss the target. Confidence is not my specialty, judgemental attitude is my nemisis, competition baffles me. Words nor illustration could truly puzzle the pieces of who I am and I suspect anyone else. This personality of mine and my family history has put me in a most difficult place in reality in the here and now. I do not know what to accomplish with these facts but like most people I hope to do no harm, create a comfortable life and share with the future generations to come. Some of my biggest challenges as an atheist now are being single and not knowing what I should do about it, knowing how to cope with so many people I disagree with, Ugh, and finally for now figuring out how to make sound decisions on my future. So lets talk about my first challenge now in being single in America, my home, that has such a low percentage of prospective mates. If I am to look only for an atheist woman as my life partner and possible parent to raise children with I don't want to cringe at religious teaching. I don't have any children and I am open to it but the first hurdle is finding a woman right? I take into account that having offspring is always a possibility so who do I want to raise them with? Do I really want to raise them with a religious person? No. So here I am in a difficult place in the here an now. It is not desperation that I want to portray for myself here, just a new beginning of how to see my future where I did not see it before. I want inspiration, success and patience. I want to be able to sleep at night. I want to be able to look at the world and feel comfortable that I will find a society of people who are working for a common cause. I want to take down the institution of torture and death that is so legal and supported. I want to bring up the idea of life in balance and life worth living and self worth supported. Your comments please.

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