"in the limit", Evolution explains everything

In mathematics, there is the expression "In the limit", meaning when approaching infinity. It is Human Nature to expect everything to have limits. We live in what appears to be a finite world... "As far as we can see". The world looks flat until you go high enough to see the curvature or notice objects sinking below the horizon as they recede.

It is difficult, even impossible for Human Nature to comprehend that some things may not have a beginning or an end. We have even theorized a beginning for the universe in terms of time and space in the "Big Bang", and we are searching for a theory for the end of the universe.

Try for just a moment to accept that time has no beginning and no end. Try for just a moment to also accept that space has no beginning and no end. Some theorists try to escape this concept by employing tricks such as Mobius Strip to fold time and space back on itself so that it is finitely contained.

Try for just a moment to accept that time and space have no beginning and no end... that they are and have always been infinite..... That means that time and place is infinite.

Given that time and space are infinite, then anything is possible. It could happen somewhere, sometime, with infinite possibilities. What could happen? Why anything could happen, including the amazing convergence of time and space and energy that resulted in humans, resulted in all the physical diverse expressions called life, resulted in this unique and precious time and space we occupy. by a process we call evolution.

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