First time post here, and with 2009 within hours of this part of the country, figured I'd post my resolutions. I won't get into too much detail on the first couple. Lose weight, eat healthier, and so on - that's a given any more. The other resolutions include working more on my stitching and taking better care of my house. I admit it, neither my hubby or I are housekeepers, so this is a resolution for me.

The major resolution, however, is being true to myself. I've admitted to myself, my husband and a very tiny handful of others who are also atheist that I no longer believe in a god. My family has long since passed away or don't contact me that much anymore. I do have several friends that don't know I'm an atheist. These are the people who ask me to pray for them, send me various tracts with prayers or God's blessings, send chain emails... you know the type. It's been almost three years since I admitted to myself that I am an atheist and during this time I've kept my comments to myself such as when one of my best friends begged me to pray for her to get a job and get out of a dire financial situation. I couldn't bring myself to say that I'd pray and at the same time I couldn't tell her I was an atheist. Another friend sent a chain email that had a god-fearing Marine going up and punching an atheist professor. I wanted to write back and tell them I found it offensive. I didn't.

This year feels like it's time for me to stand up for who I truly am. I have told one friend I'm an atheist and she's cool with it (she's a follower of the Native American religion). I don't know how my Christian friends are going to take it. I'd like to think at least some of them will still remain friends with me but who can say? The only place I won't bring it up is at my job and to my husband's family (unless he decides we should). Though I'd prefer to think that I wouldn't lose my job because of my lack of religion, I can't afford to take the risk, at least not yet. With my in-laws, that would be his decision whether we mention we've become free thinkers and he doesn't see what good it would do to upset his mother in such a way.

I also have no intention of being aggressive about this. No atheist chain mails, no atheist tracts, no pretty slideshows with prayers praising god scattered all over them. For the most part, I probably won't say anything unless asked. Eventually, I'll come out to my best friend about it. I'm scared I'll lose her friendship, but sometimes you have to stand up for yourself.

Now we'll have to wait until this time on 12/31/2009 to see how well I did. Happy New Year!

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Comment by Father Nature on December 31, 2008 at 3:55pm
Good luck with that. Telling family members can be complicated. You probably will lose some friends when you come out to the religious but you'll also find that new friends, who share your rational worldview, will appear. And, your example may inspire another closet atheist to come out.



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